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Say hello to our Halloween papercraft for 2019: the Mummybot!


When you post a photo of your Mummybot papercraft (here on this Instructable as an "I Made It", or on Twitter, or Instagram), we’ll send you an Instructables giveaway pack!

Additionally, Instructables staff will feature the best recreations of this papercraft project on our Twitter and Instagram Stories (and tag you, of course).

Here's how to participate:

  • Create your (ultra-cute) Instructables Mummybot by following the detailed instructions in this project.
  • Set the scene and create a Halloween background for your Mummybot to hang out in.
  • Post a photo of your Mummybot in all of his glory to Instagram and/or Twitter, tagging @instructables and #Mummybot. **You’ll have to follow us on each platform so we can DM you.**
  • Alternatively, post your creation as an "I Made It" at the bottom of this project.
  • We must receive submissions and iterations of this project by November 4, 2019 (11:59pm Pacific Time) to be eligible for this offering.


What you'll need:

  • Printed Papercraft (You can download the PDF on the next step.)
  • Xacto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Butter knife (Optional - for scoring the fold lines.)
  • Glue (Optional. This papercraft assembles with no adhesives, but you can add a little glue to make it sturdier!)

Paper Options:

  1. Cardstock: Use for a stronger more robust Mummybot. I'm using 65 lb/176 gsm cardstock.
  2. Regular printer/copy paper: regular printer/copy paper is 100% ok to use, but will require a little bit more patience and care when assembling your Mummybot so that you don't accidentally squash or rip him.

3 Teacher Notes

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Step 1: Print + Cut Out the Mummybot

Attached to this step are two PDF patterns: one Mummybot in color, and one Mummybot in black and white.

Choose the one you'd like and print out the Mummybot pattern at 100%.

Once it's printed, cut along the outer edge of all of the papercraft pieces.

Step 2: Special Cuts

Once you have cut along the outer edge of all your pieces there are a couple special cuts you need to make:

  1. Leg tabs: Cut along the black line that runs into the leg.
  2. Slots: Cut along the inner slot lines with an Xacto knife on a cutting mat. These slot lines are indicated by a thin black line with two dashes on either end. Be careful not to go past the lines when cutting. These line length are well suited for receiving their recipient tabs during assembly. (If you do overshoot them and are having trouble keeping your tabs in the slot - you can use some glue to hold it all together)

Assembly Tips and Tricks:

  1. Pre-gouging your slots: After you cut your slots, they may be a little tight. I found that by pushing my Xacto knife through the slot, it made it easier to push the tab through it.
  2. Using your Xacto knife as a guide: If you are having trouble getting you tab into a slot, this can be made easier by putting the Xacto knife into the slot first and then slipping the tab in behind it. Remove the blade and voila your tab is in place!

Step 3: Bonus Credit: Scoring the Papercraft

I've been making lots of papercrafts in the last year. One of the most important things I've learned is that scoring your fold lines makes assembling them so much easier. :)

I use the smooth side of a butter knife to score them. Place a ruler down parallel to the fold line and use it as a guide for the scoring. Don't press TOO hard with the butter knife or you may rip the paper.

Step 4: Assembling the Legs

    First, roll your leg piece into a tube. Slide the tab into the slot using an angled approach.

    Straighten out the leg until the top and bottom looks flush and the tab sits snugly into the slot. Repeat for second leg!

    Step 5: Assembling the Head

    Fold along the lines and slip the two tabs at the back of the head into their respective slots.

    Step 6: Assembling the Arms

      Fold the arms in half where the fingertips meet.

      There are two arm types to choose from for your Mummybot. Two are classic and one has a bit of the mummy-wrapping coming off. Choose whichever you like!

      Step 7: Pre-folding the Torso

      Fold along the lines. Fit the front tabs into the sides, then the top tabs. Tuck the back edges inside the torso and insert the last tab on the top of the torso. Doing this here will make assembly much easier. :)

      Now that we've done all our folding and cutting, it's time to assemble the Mummybot!

      Step 8: Attaching the Arms

        Slot the tabs of each arm into the two angled slots on the side of the torso. Push the tabs through so the arms lie flat.

        You can tape or glue the tabs on the inside of the Mummybot if you'd like.

        Step 9: Attaching the Head and Legs


        • Slot the tabs of the head into the two slots located on the top of the torso.
        • Push through and make sure they are nice and secure.


        • Slot the tabs of the leg piece into the two slots located on the bottom of the torso.
        • Push through and make sure they are nice and secure.
        • Repeat on for other leg.

        If you're worried about the head and legs staying on, feel free to tape or glue down the flaps on the inside of the Mummybot. :D

        Step 10: Finish Up Making the Torso

          Slip the two tabs on each side of the torso into their respective slots.

          Fold up the back of the torso, and slip the final tab into the neck slot located on the top back of the torso piece.

          The torso can be easily re-opened so feel free to fill it with candy, LEDs, or even a vibrating motor!

          Step 11: All Done!

          Ta-Daaaaaa! You are now the proud owner of your very own Mummybot.

          Want to make Mummybot some friends? Check out Frankenbot and Vampire Bot!

          Be sure to check out the Instructables Halloween Contest for your chance to win big when you document your costume, decoration, prop, or spooky snack!

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          Hi everyone! I sent out the prize PMs yesterday for everyone. If you posted on social and haven't received one, check your messages - I still need your Instructables username :)

          Please let me know if I missed anyone!

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          I posted mine on Instagram on 10/30, haven't heard anything back. Re-posted here on Friday (with a pic of my original Instagram post and the date).

          My Instagram username is: cyber_jaws



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          Thanks for letting me know! I've sent you a prize PM :D


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          I am having difficulty using the link in the email. My user name is mobaldy. School is BrigantienCommunity School. 13 kids participated in the MummyBot project. Thank You, Maureen


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          I'm relatively new here and have a question. How do you send the giveaway packs out? I don't think I have an address listed anywhere. Thanks!

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          Everyone will be getting a PM from the Instructables Robot later this week. The link in there will take you to a form to fill out with your address for delivery :)


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          Hi, since my comment seems to get lost, I try again:
          I was wondering whether all of us get the "giveaway pack" or whether there is a lottery? My kids keep asking about it.

          Thanks, redphysics

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          Everyone who posts one will get a prize! This week I'll be working on making sure I've got everyone on the prize list. I'll be sending out prize PMs by Friday, 11/8 :D


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          Hey! Can you post a photo of the completed bot on a background you made? :)


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          Hey! Can you post a photo on a background you made? :)


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          Its so nice but I dont have a tweeter account..What should I do then..

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          Very cute! Can't wait to print!