Fresh Chervil Soup

Introduction: Fresh Chervil Soup

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We cut the first fresh chervil from our cold frame @ our allotment! :) yeah!! I made my mom's fresh chervil soup! I used chicken stick.

You can make it vegetarian or vegan by using vegan stock instead of chicken stock! ;)

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients!

Recipe: For 4 big bowls of soup


5 spring onions (green onions), cleaned & cut up

1 big long celery stick, cleaned & cut up

1 long carrot, peeled & cut up into rounds

250 gr fresh leeks, well-washed, pad dry, cut up finely

1 medium white onion, peeled & cut up

1/3 medium sweet potato, peeled & cut up

good quality garlic powder

3/4 (45 gr) or more of your fresh chervil, well cleaned, spun dry leave

1/4 of the fresh chervil, finely chopped, to top your soup

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

black pepper

some Maldon sea salt

1100 ml of a good gluten-free dairy-free hot chicken stock ( or a vegan one! )

Step 2: Make Your Soup!

1. Take a soup pot & heat up on high. When hot, pour some drizzles of that fruity oil in it & swirl around the base of the pot. Add chopped onion, spring onions, carrot rounds & celery chunks in it. Season with some grins of black pepper & some sea salt. Stir often. Fry for about 10 minutes or so. Now, add some drizzles of oil, if you need to. Add chopped leeks, sweet potato chunks & season with a few dashes of garlic powder, black pepper & some sea salt, but not too much because your chicken stock has salt in it! ;) Fry for a few minutes & then, add hot chicken stock to it & stir everything round into the pot. Cook on medium-heat for about 5-10 minutes or until your veggies are just cooked through. Taste. Now, add your cleaned fresh chervil to the hot soup. Just stir it through your soup. taste! It has to taste fabulous! You must taste the chervil first! I added 20 grins of black pepper to it. I Vitamixed my soup. Taste again. It was perfect! It was the perfect soup for this season! Laddle your soup into lovely soup bowl & garnish with some fresh finely chopped chervil on top! Enjoy, my lovely one’s!

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