Front Webster Guide

About: I am the swagiest of peoples. I spit out ryemes like lil wayne. I am driven in all i do, and go on like a choo choo train.

Today I will be sharing my knowledge of the front Webster with a easy to follow guide.

First, Know that as a rule this is dangerous and i am not responsible to any injury done to yourself

Second, This needs some form of athletic skill.

Third, if you have friends that are currently involved in Parkour or any Gymnast friends, get a spotter or two this wil make your life so much easier and help you get rid of some of the initial fear.

Step 1: Where to Start and Warm-up

Where to Start:

Hopefully most of you have access to a gym, but for those who do not, be prepared to look for a suitable place to start. Find someplace that has a ledge at about stomach hight, make sure it has a nice comfy spot of grass or sand under it because more likely than not you will be landing anywhere from your butt or back your first go, but hopefully this guide will prevent this.

Getting Started: First warm-up, do some basic stretches and joint rotations, as you don't want to pull a muscle or sprain a wrist or roll an ankle.

Step 2: The Beginning (Takeoff)

First, place feet in Split step, one foot behind you and your dominant foot in front at the edge of the ledge. Start to lean forward and just as it feels as if you are about to fall push with your dominant foot upwards and and almost directly afterwards throw your back foots heel upwards and around as if you are trying to kick your back. This will both drive you and your legs up but also get your rotation going.

Step 3: Tucking

Tucking is probably the most difficult part of this flip. Anyone can jump face-first towards the ground but the tuck gets you rotation and rotation gets you around so to anyone new to flips i will go ahead and describe it. Tucking is basically what is sounds like you curl up into a ball and grab your knees and pull.

IMPORTANT: You must keep your eyes open during this part as you must spot your own loading and you can only do that by seeing were you are going to land.

Step 4: Practice

Probably the most important step if you don't repeat it after you get it you will lose it and have to start over knowing that you did it once before. And it helps you become stronger and makes it better.

-Thanks and good luck to you all And if you are having difficulty understanding my guide leave a comment and i will update the guide. Also i did have some pictures but they were very blurry so i will update later on the pictures but they were very blurry so i will update later on.

Step 5: Background

Started Parkour in 2012 and i love doing it.

The guide may not be the best but i hope it will get some people interested in Parkour and further expand the community.

And by the way: Anyone can do parkour i may be 145 and 6" but i have some friends that are 250 pounds and can do some stuff that i would have a lot of trouble doing (if you know what an Arabian flip is for example). So don't be afraid to go out and try some stuff, and if a flip is to advanced check YouTube and look for beginner parkour Vids.

Note: i did include 2 pictures that would help on the more important steps. sorry for the quality it was taken from phone(iPhone) I am going to see if i cant use my friends GoPro to help with the quality so stand by for picture updates



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