• Everyone of us know what a gesture is , but controlling a car with gesture........its something that seems interesting! Lets make it!

'Gesture control' is one of the growing technology in the world.Its application is endless-

  • Handicapped people can control their wheelchairs and other gadgets using gestures.
  • It can bring a new edge to games.Today's mouse and keyboard-controlled games can be changed to gesture control.It would make games more realistic.

So as you can see the only limit is your imagination. The gesture controlled car was something that I imagined. Hope to see all your imaginations and inventions soon.


  1. LM324
  2. LM7805(x2)
  3. L293D
  4. Arduino uno(x2)
  5. RF Pair
  6. Robot Chasis
  7. Accelerometer
  8. 9 Volt Cells
  9. Battery Connector
  10. DC Motors(x2)
  11. USB Cable
  12. Potentiometer(x4)
  13. Breadboards

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First you have to build the circuit. As an advice, build the circuit first in a breadboard. Its a pretty simple circuit. There are two circuits. One is for the receiver while the other one is for the transmitter. The transmitting device will be attached to our hand and read all its movement. After that it will send these information to the receiver circuit. The receiver circuit is attached to your robot. This circuit will control your robot on the information it receives from the receiver circuit.

Step 2: CODES

The codes of are provided. You will need two libraries. The zip folder containing the same are provided. On opening the zip folders using an application like Winrar or Winzip, you will find the two folders on the two zips: VirtualWire and EasyTransferVirtualWire. Extract the folders in Arduino/libraries folder . The two libraries would be ready to use.

Download the codes. You will need the Arduino IDE to upload the codes in your Arduino. After downloading the codes and the software, open the two codes in the IDE. Upload the receiver code to the receiver Arduino and the transmitter code to the transmitter Arduino.


Any query comment below.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Can you please explain the uses of components used like lm324, lm7805, potentiometers, and why are we using two arduino.?