GMail Notification Using ESP8266 Arduino and OLED

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Nowadays, Every machine has some data to post over cloud and Data has to
Analyse and has to record for many purpose. At the same time data should be accessible to the Analyzer as well. This things can be done using IOT concept. IOT is internet of things which talks with machine and post the data and get the data.

Step 1: Gmail Notifier Using ESP8266

In this article we will see how to make request to gmail and get the data about unread mail and other stuff. But this article is limit to read the unread mails only.

Foe this project following components are used,

1. ESP8266

2. OLED SSD1306

3. BreadBoard

4. Resistor

Step 2: Tutorial

Step 3: Connection

Note: Connection is not same as used in code. Please do the connection as per the code.

Step 4: Code

Find the code on following link.



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