This is pretty easy, but it takes some time doing the make up by yourself. It takes;
1) one white, or marbleized  or tye-dyed gown,Gown can be a nite gown or wedding extra piece of white material to hang over your arm is good.
2)Four tubes of white creme make up.
3) 2 tubes of black creme make up.
4)1 spray can of white hair color.
5) White nail polish, black  eye liner pencil.
6) Magic marker.
7) Optional plastic flowers for your hair  and a plastic jewelry pin. This gown was already marbleized  but I added the black veins with magic marker.  If you get a white gown and are adding veins, smear the black marker outwards for a better effect.It makes it blothy. Add an extra piece of white material to the shoulder and let it extend down and drape over your arm.Also use some diluted black creme makeup for larger areas for the marbleized effect. I rolled my hair up in this picture. You can pull your hair up in a bun or some old fashioned way. I then sprayed my hair with the white hair color. Then take a tube of white creme and squeeze some out on a piece of paper. Take a little brush and dip in by small amounts and start adding vein-like lines all over your hair. Paint your finger nails white. Let dry good. Now take the remainder of the white creme and smear it all over your face,neck,ears and hands. Let dry and put on second coat . Let dry. Take the eye-liner and make veins or cracks to your hands. You can also buy white gloves and do the same to them. It also helps to seal the creme make up with a light powder. It takes more time to make it look more like cracks, but the results will be rewarding. I have won many prizes and money $$ with this costume! Clean up is a breeze with just warm water. Have fun with it !

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