GSM Controlled Home Automation Using SIM800 With Arduino




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Gsm based Home Automation are used to control Home devices Like TV , Lights , AC etc.

just take an example , if there are sunny day and you want to Turn on your AC Before you Even Walk In the Door.

So for this you have to send a SMS then AC will be turn on.

It is simple way to save electricity and make our home smart.

Advantage :-

If we uses this idea and implement to it in our society it will be helpful in saving enough amount of electricity and off-course money and it is the way to make our home as smart home.

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Step 1: Components Required

  1. Arduino uno
  2. GSM sim800
  3. 4 LED
  4. LCD (2X16)
  5. 10K potentiometer
  6. Some male and female connector
  7. 12v relay for ac load (or 5v relay as you like)
  8. ULN2003 ic for relay
  9. connection wire
  10. zero pcb

Step 2: Upload the Program

Download the zip file and extract it , here in the folder you will get codes that we have to upload in arduino and two circuits.

Step 3: Connect the Circuit

Now connect the LCD as shown in diagram and gsm module also.

you can solder LCD on zero pcb.

In gsm module the 5v and the GND will provided from arduino or external adopter.

GSM conections:-

RX of gsm -------------------> TX of arduino

TX of gsm ---------------------> RX of arduino


leds positive pin will be connect to arduino and all ground are common and connect to arduino's ground.

7 --------------> LED1

8 --------------> LED2

9 --------------> LED3

Step 4: Setup for GSM Module

Now , insert the sim card in the GSM module and hold the power button of GSM module to turn on.

GSM SIM800 are require 5v external supply , If you have different GSM module then you have to conform the external voltage requirement for your module .

Step 5: Done, Let's Try

Send some commands to your sim that are inserted in GSM module .

That is................

#A.all on*

#A.all off* on* off*

#A.light on*

#A.light off* on* off*

Step 6: Connect Ac Load

Setup these circuit on zero pcb.......

If you want to connect AC load or Home devices like lamp , fan etc.

Then you have to connect ULN2003 ic with relay , the circuit diagram is given .

In the circuit diagram there are 12v relay but you can use 5v relay at place of 12v relay.

if you are using 5v relay then pin 9 of ULN2003 will be connected to 5v.

Now , the output pins 7,8,9 are connect to ULN2003's 1,2,3 pins and relay will be connected on ULN2003's 14, 15, 16 pins.

after that now you can connect lamp as shown in diagram.

be careful with AC supply

VooooHooooo!!!!!.................................................... it's Done

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Hello Brother !
I want to connect 5V electric appliances in my project how can i do that??

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Sir,please can you help me with the simulation file and how to connect them

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Question 1 year ago

Congratulations. I made a house alarm and I would like 3 possibilities with my smartphone
1- be warned when there is an alarm on
2- enable alarm (on)
3- disable alarm (off)
I have a sim900 card and arduino uno
Could you help me for the code please you can see my code here.!solTxbDR!iKesh3E8lBIahNYyZRVHkoxP9h8CNUVbPznAzHRKFoE

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How many relay can we use only 4 relays or more. I need to use some 8 or 12 relays. How to make it suggests pls


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can you send me arduino code which doesn't involve lcd part. Please reply ASAP.

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is there no limited km or miles when you are sending commands while you are traveling

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What to do if I wanna attach sensors like smoke detector and temperature sensor and send the results to a cell phone via sms. Any help please.

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You can use gsm module and At command to send massage via gsm to your mobile.