Game of Thrones Inspired Coffee Table.

Introduction: Game of Thrones Inspired Coffee Table.

About: 18, unemployed and Creative. I play guitar and I love my Tv shows.

I'm 18 years old, unemployed since '95 and I have too much time on my hands since I've finished school. This instructable, I hope will inspire other such young adults or even the DIY Pro's to do something creative.

My plan? Well I first found this coffee table next to a skip on my neighbors lawn. I took the table with the dream of sanding it down and then wood staining it red to match my Workshop class project of last year. So i started sanding the table and then i thought... Instead of just staining it red... I could do something 'game of thrones' like to this Coffee Table and then stain it red.

And then it hit me! And i grabbed my laptop and decided to start this Instructable!

This how i recreated an old Coffee Table.

Step 1: Time to Plan!

A boy scout is always prepared! It just so happens, I never was a boy scout.

Planning, It grinds my OCD sometimes and so I thought and planned a few designs for this Coffee Table.

Plan #1 Divide up the table by 4 rectangles (the coffee table was rectangular)
*Each rectangular box would be 28.5cm X 21cm or 11.2 INCHES x 8.26 INCHES
* Each piece would have a House Sigil either Burned or Dremel'ed into the wood.

Plan #2 Divide the Coffee Table into 9 pieces and have 9 sigils displayed

Plan #3 One big Sigil on the Coffee Table

FINALLY i decided on Plan #3

Step 2: SANDING!

Luckily, My father has rebooted his hobby of restoring Australian Ex-Military Land Rovers. Particularity Series 2a Land Rovers, So I had some electric sanding gear.

Time to begin sanding! All the scrapes, scratches, nicks, dings, etc will be gone!

I'm making an assumption here, it seems to me that each time I decide that I've done enough sanding, I actually haven't. I want to gain pride from this Coffee Table, and pride will only come from quality and hard work. So guess what? I sanded some more.

In your break between sanding and resting, continue to step 3. And then onto step 2 again. REPEAT.

Step 3: More Planning

With the help of Photoshop and Google images search engine, I found all that i need.

I decided on the Sigil of House Targaryen. This Sigil would use the area of a circle with a radius of 17cm or so. This Sigil will of course being centered in the centre.

With Photoshop all i did was edit the Canvas size, so that i could print the one image in 2 pieces, both of which are identical in size and will both fit on A3 paper. ALSO Flip the images Horizontally, unless you intend your image to be back to front. Those 2 images are below:

Step 4: Printing!

I was prepared to use Photoshop, I actually scraped all the colour and just had the bare outlines of my design. That's when I found a better image to use on the internet.

The plan is to print this one Sigil out onto A3 paper, Using my local Officeworks, $0.40 dollars it cost me. I printed a half of the image on each piece of A3 paper. Why A3 paper? I want this Sigil to be BIG! 40x40 cm or 17.3 x 17.3 Inches.

I took my JPEG files on a USB to a smart printer and printed my images.

Step 5: Ironing!

It's Plain and simple.

#1 Sticky tape the 2 papers together.
#2 Lay them down on the table and centre them. Ink side down.
#3 Sticky tape them down (Corners and sides) and then take away the sticky tape that holds the two papers together.
#4 Use the iron on really really hot. Glide over the paper not quickly but not slowly.

#5 Give it some time, check every now and then

Sorry i Forgot to take photos of this but this link should help.

Step 6: Pyrography, Wood Burning. It Happens Now.

So, with the iron, not all but a reasonable amount of ink has transferred from the paper onto the wood.

Trace over with your Wood burning Tool.

Look up Youtube videos or search Google for help if you need to.

But these images are from start to finish:


Step 7: What Colour Did I Want This Coffee Table to Be?

So what did i buy? "Artist's Pigmented Drawing Ink" and.... It's red coloured.

And now it's really simple. Shake the bottle if needed, take the lid off, place cloth/rubber over the top/nozzle and smear/rub onto the wood.

So then. Smear/rub the Drawking Ink, or whatever stain you're using.

You could smear more layers on to get a darker colour.

Step 8: Done, Finished, Completed!

Here is the final product! I had to photoshop this image because, what I could see with my own eyes and and the result of taking a picture with my camera. The 2 did not look the same. So the image below is edited, but edited to an extent where the image actually looks identical to the real-life Coffee Table.

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