Gaming Chair Wood


Introduction: Gaming Chair Wood

I made this gaming Chair from 40mm multiplex. At first I bought a playseat chair, but I could not play racing games and flight simulators without having to change the steering wheel for the hotas and the racing pedals for the rudder pedals. Wich was very time consuming. That is why I made my own. Everything stays into place and is adjustable. I also added a keyboard/mousestand and a Butkicker underneath the chair.



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    Very very nicely done. I am looking into this myself, and I'm wrecking my brain on how make everything adjustable. Hope you will make the plans for yours soon! I relly like how you cares for details in your design :)

    I would love to see how this functions, maybe a video of it in use (joysticks, keyboard & mouse)

    I'm currently looking into creating a simular chair for playing Elite Dangerous, it uses a combination of all 3 input devices

    I am working on that, it was already finished before I considered to publish it. the plans are coming soon!