Garage Wall Unit

Introduction: Garage Wall Unit

I needed a free standing storage unit for my garage, I wanted it to separate the single bay I use for my shop are from the double bay where we park. When designing it, I wanted it to be sturdy, fit a particular area and make the most of 8 foot building materials.

I've gotten a lot of ideas from Instructables so I thought I would throw one of mine up here. This my first post so be kind.

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Step 1: Review Plans

The plans .pdf should provide a material list, cut list and parts list.

Step 2: Cut Short Shelf Parts

Cut 20 short shelf parts 20".

Step 3: Making Long Shelf Parts & Uprights

Gang all your parts together and layout the spacing for the dados and rabbits. Set saw to 3/4" depth. Mark the boards to keep the orientation the same.This is important unless you are Norm Abrams there will be small variations in your layout that will effect final assemble.

Step 4: Dados and Rabbits in Long Shelf Parts & Uprights

Time to make lots of rabbits and dados. Most 2x4 lumber can be brittle and will chip out badly so don't just beat on the ends to clean out the waste. Use a sharp chisel. The dados can take some hammering.

Step 5: Assemble the Shelves

Assemble the frames, deck with plywood and cut notches for the dados and rabbits. The decking is attached with 1 1/4" ring shank roofing nails.

Step 6: Attach Uprights to Shelves

Attach the uprights and shelves using screws and construction adhesive. Use 3" screws where the short shelf parts back up the joints. See note in photo. Use 1 1/4" inch screws where there is no short part backing up the joint. The short screws serve as clamps for the adhesive.

Step 7: Attach Back, Front Uprights, and Sides

Attach back with 1 1/4" ring shank roofing nails and construction adhesive. Drill 1/2" x 3 1/2" holes in the bottoms of the uprights. Install the WoodCraft floor levers. Not shown is 3/4" strapping temporarily run on the sides tying the shelves together. This reinforces the unit while you flip it over to put the front uprights on it. You will need some help to flip it. Once flipped repeat the steps for attaching the back uprights on the front ones. Attach the sides as shown on the plans with more 1 1/4" ring shank roofing nails and construction adhesive.

Step 8: Your Done

Slide into place, level it out and load it up. Your done.

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    2 Discussions

    Wow this is an amazing build, and I bet it can really help you organize a space. Very nice job showing the steps as well! Welcome to instructables!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the kind words. The wall units (I built one to prototype and one for the website) provide a tremendous amount of storage. I hope someone else finds them useful as well.