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Introduction: Gas (petrol) Powered Jeep From Ride on Mower

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This project started with some pictures on the internet of a mini jeep built onto the chassis of a ride on mower with an  I/C engine..... I had to have a go at building one for myself!
It it not far from finished and I hope to be riding it around in the summer.

This build needs a lot of space and equipment to make it happen, I am lucky to have both of those....oh, and a lifetimes experience of designing and constructing things. There are kits out there on the web that can be built using a basic tool box and woodworking skills so if the idea of building one of these for the grand kids appeals to you, go google!.

Step 1: Starting Point

I found the tractor lurking in the corner of the yard of a local car repair shop, folding stuff changed hands and I had my base vehicle.
An hours work and a few new parts had the engine running and the gearbox tested.....those front wheels though, who has seen a jeep with small front wheels?
Soon replaced with some nice wide wheels the same size as at the back!

Step 2: The Design

I looked at dozens of photographs of jeeps to get a feel for proportions then produced a basic GA to see what it would look like. It will end up with a lifted body, which I feel is a good look with the wide wheels.
Once I was happy with the design I looked at extending the chassis, front and rear to accept the bodywork.

The material chosen for the chassis was 100mm X 50mm steel box section.... as I had some knocking around the workshop.

Step 3: Chassis Build One

 I started with the front bumper. With the materials cut it was time to offer up to the front end to see how things looked. this was when I discovered that the front of the mower chassis was way out of square.  You can see the error, circled in yellow above, what you cannot see is the downhill slope of the bumper bar, after a lot of grinding, re-cutting and packing of parts I was happy with the result so tacked it up.

I rested  the grill on to get a better idea of how it was looking....To find out how to make the grill see below :)


Step 4: Chassis Build Two

Rear bumper and outriggers were then cut and welded

Step 5: Grill

The shape was cut out of 1/2" marine plywood which is then covered in 1/2mm aluminium sheet this was cut out and swaged around the wooden former.
Brackets were made to mount it to the front bumper.

Step 6: Front Wings

I have found that plastic twinwall sheet, the stuff used for house "for sale" signs, is very good for making templates. It can be cut with a scalpel and easily bent in one direction only so work out the best way round to use it.  Once it was offered up to the chassis and adjusted  it was time to transfer the dimensions to metal.
Wing tops cut folded and welded in place.

Step 7: Tub, Sides

A big job in very few words.....
Tub sides were cut from 0.7mm sheet steel, bent to shape and offered up to the chassis.

I then folded/rolled/bent/welded a stiffening frame from 10mm square steel tube.

Step 8: Tub, Scuttle and Bonnet

Steering system and seat were removed to make space for the scuttle, this will end up being a very rare 2 seater right hand drive jeep!

Scuttle was then cut folded and welded onto the tub, the whole lot recieved a coat of red oxide paint to prevent rust.

...too late for the bonnet steel which had got wet whilst waiting for me to work it :(

Step 9: Screen

The frame for the screen was 3/4" round tube for the uprights, 20mm X 20mm angle for the glass frame and 10mm square tube for the glazing bars, my first attempt looked to high for its width so I cut it down by 2" to a more pleasing size.

This is where I am at at the moment, jobs left to do
  • Paint it
  • Install lights
  • Re-wire it all
  • Install the bench seat (back seat from a swb series land rover)
  • Take it for a drive

If it ever stops raining I will get on with this to get ready for summer, I will update here when I do!

Step 10: At Last, Nearly Done!

The poor jeep slipped down the to do list for a while but is back to the top, in the last few weeks I have finished fabricating all the metal work and painted most of it.
The interior is also ready to instal (I didn't like the look of the land rover seat so have gone for 2 plastic seat pans). Mounted so that they tilt forward to allow access to the battery box.

Step 11: Going Green

The painting moves on apace, semi gloss olive drab. Just the windscreen and front wheels to do....I await delivery of more paint :(

Step 12: Assembly

Last weekend (30-aug-13) I installed the body tub grill and dashboard then wired it all up.
With a splash of fuel in the tank and the battery installed it started on the second turn of the key! That is the first time in 2 years that it has run.

I would have taken it out for a run round but I could not find the circlips that hold the wheels on and the fuel pipe had perished and was leaking onto the exhaust manifold.

Step 13: Done and Dusted!

That is it! All done, I took it for a run out today to test everything and it passed with flying colours.
While I was driving one handed I took a bit of movie footage which I have cobbled together to make this....

Home made mini Jeep, first outing from Rog8811 on Vimeo.

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That is so cool. how do you come up with what kind of car design to put on top of a tractor? cux i'm doing something like that too:)


Question 3 months ago

Hello Rog. I have always wanted to make a miniature Jeep. I am inspired by your successful project. Would it be possible to get an emailed set of your measurements? It would be greatly appreciated. I have tools and a donor lawntractor standing by!

1 more answer

Setof PDF's winging there way to you now, good luck!

this is so cool, i will have to try it.


i would love to make this but i anm 12 years old, but how long did it take you to make it. i could get my dad to make one for me but he doesn't have a lot of time spear

thank you

1 reply

If I had worked on this full time I could have done it within a month, It is quite a big job. But I had to keep coming back to it when other jobs got in the way so it took me a couple of years :)

You are of an age where you could consider building most of the body from plywood using power hand tools, with supervision. As long as your dad can come up with the means for mounting it on the tractor frame you could still go for it.

I want to make this, could you email me the drawing and if there is any cost..


2 replies

Drawings on their way, good luck :)


Thankyou so much. I have looked for hours for some decent plans anywhere. So glad I found yours, it is going to

be my winter project in my basement.... thanks again.

Hi, I would definately like to be able to read the plans you have in one of the pictures above. Is there anyway I can get a copy... have a garden tractor that needs this.. Plus my grandson will love to ride around my yard thankyou. My email address is looking forwards to hearing from you..


Hello, can you give me ou sold me the plan on tour mini jeep?


1 reply

I have e-mailed them to you, they are not comprehensive but should be enough to work from.

Best of luck with it.

Regards Rog

Hi, In step 6 you have a drawing on a piece of ply, could you please send a clear copy to be able to read the measurements as the drawing in step 2 is unreadable. As a veteran I am converting my mower to use at our retreat here. Do you also have clear drawings with measurements for the sides in step 7? I am also into reverse engineering drawings of real railroad locos and scaling them down for ride on train clubs and building DIY multi purpose metal working tools to do this. I am air force trained avionics technician and technical writer since retired after serving here in Australia and overseas.

My grandson is 4 months old now so if I start today he should be driving it when he is five!!! Good build.

You can send me your car design file

Hi Ali, I will get onto it as soon as I have set up my home office and can access my files (just moved house)

great jop you r the man

How fast does this go?

Great job. That is really awesome.