Generic Power Supply Board

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Hi, Mr. Vaibhav here.

Happy to share the information about Generic Power supply. This is one of the common circuit which you need when your doing with any circuit designs and custom projects. Without this I don't think any other circuits for electronics.

Making power supply unit is basic for any electronic designs. I did one of the generic Power supply board which has +5V, +12V and 3.3V outputs with common ground. So that we can use this circuit for any project irrespective of the design.

Step 1: Install Proteus V7 or Higher.

We need to test circuit before going for implementation. Now I'm using proteus as simulator, but you can use anyone.

So initially install Proteus software and open the suit for circuit design and implementation.

Step 2: Simaulation Process

Use the Pic option from the left top box, and take all the components for your design. Then arrange them how it is shown in the image. Connect the circuit as per the diagram and then simulate it for verification.

Step 3: PCB Design

Now once the circuit is simulated and working fine, them its a time for PCB building.

Goto Tools == > Create net list then click on this option. You will get new window for PCB design and working suit.

There you need to arrange the components how you need and create tracks using IPC standards.

Once completed, then Goto OUTPUT == > 3D visualization you find the design 3D model and dimensions.

Step 4: Final Look

This is final look of the PCBs. this files are send to manufactures for PCB designs and component soldering.

Thank you



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    8 Discussions

    Arman Ahmed17

    Question 3 hours ago on Step 3

    when I simulate this circuit there is a simulation error ...
    please say me what can i do ?


    11 months ago

    plz can you say what that component in input v 220 (box)


    1 year ago

    Great design similar to one I made to power my bed LED strip and ESP8266 controller. However, the 3.3V resistor voltage divider will be too low in amperage. I would use 47Ohm and 200Ohm 1/2W resistors instead.


    1 year ago

    Hi, I have some questions about your circuit.. You're using components rated much, MUCH lower than the peak AC waveform can deliver. Could you explain why you think this is okay?

    At first I thought you were making some sort of a capacitive dropper stage but from looking at the components, this is not true. Have you assembled this on breadboard/veroboard?

    2 replies
    Vaibhav K SugandhiSkruffles

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi Skruffles,
    Yes, I did this circuit on bread board and as PCB, This is one of the common and most important basic circuit in our products and projects. I designed this circuit few years ago and using it since from 2 years.

    For your kind information,
    This is +5V,+12V,+3.3V DC power supply board, Generic means its useful for all different transformers which you need to attach before. Transformer of 6-0-6 to 15-0-15 is also ok, Even with different current ratings doesn't matters.
    Hope you got clear your doubt.

    Mr. Vaibhav.

    SkrufflesVaibhav K Sugandhi

    Reply 1 year ago

    Ah that makes much more sense, thank you. It is somewhat unclear in your diagram however as you have a 230VAC source connected straight to the input of the circuit, perhaps add a transformer symbol or indicate that the circuit can only deal with this lower voltage just in case someone tries to replicate this directly.

    Thank you for your support.
    If you want any circuit to be done, You can outsource that work to me,
    I'm always happy to work for you !

    Mr. Vaibhav