Gesture Control Using Arduino

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In this project we are going to make a simple hand gesture control device using Arduino Leonardo and some ir sensors. We can implement any controls of our PC or mobile phone by just the movement of our hands. What I here made is only just a scratch on the endless possibilities of gesture control.Soon we are going to make a fully functional game control أن شاء الله so be tuned.

Step 1: Circuit Description

Arrange the sensors on the 4 corners of the Leonardo board as shown in the figure in the video.Connect all the VCC of the ir sensor modules to the 3.3 v or 5v of the Leonardo and connect the ground of all the four sensors to the ground of the arduino

Output pin of IR sensor Arduino Leonardo

Sensor 1 --------------------------- digital pin 11

Sensor 2 --------------------------- digital pin 9

Sensor 3 --------------------------- digital pin 12

Sensor 4 --------------------------- digital pin 10

Step 2: Programing

Click here to download the ino file



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