Gesture Controller

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Make a simple and useful arduino gesture controller,it can accept upto 9 gestures and use that 9 gestures for controlling 9 different functioncs directly or WIRELESSLY.Here i share some main steps if you are interested you can watch my full vedio,i have added the link below

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Step 1: Watch the Vedio!

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Step 2: Gather the Parts and Tools

For making this project you will need:-


2)proximity sensor (X2)

3)IR led (X2)

4)Bread Board

5)7805 voltage regulator

**********************************FOR WIRLESS CONTROLLER**********************************************************


2)ATmega 328P(for receiver)

3)female header pins

4)7805 Voltage regulator

Step 3: Make the Circuit

Make the circuit as show in the circuit diagram and upload the code to both the controller and receiver...

The code for controller and for the wireless gesture transmitter and receiver included in the link below


Step 4:

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