Get the Look for Less: Beach House Kitchen

Introduction: Get the Look for Less: Beach House Kitchen

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According to top contractors and real estate professionals, having an impressive kitchen is one of the best ways to improve the value of your home. As the kitchen is the center of family life, why not opt for a beautiful and relaxing coastal look? Here we break down how to get the look of Coastal Living Magazine’s Ultimate Beach House kitchen - for less!

Photo: Tria Giovan - Coastal Living's Ultimate Beach House

Step 1: Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

  • Replace your cabinet doors with glass or window-pane style doors.
  • Add crown moulding to the top of your cabinets Add decorative feet to your kitchen island and bottom cabinets
  • Paint your kitchen cabinets white

Step 2: Tile Backsplash

  • Paint existing tile a cool color and highlight the grout with white paint
  • Add a colored subway tile backsplash to a bare wall
  • Fake the look by stenciling faux subway tiles

Step 3: White Counters

  • Replace your existing counter with a white material of your choice
  • Simply paint over your existing counters with white paint and a high-gloss finish

Step 4: Painted "Weathered" Floors

  • Paint your wooden floors with a watered down gray paint, as was done in the picture.
  • Apply a weathering technique to your wood floors
  • Use laminate flooring that looks like weathered wood

Step 5: Artful Accessories

  • Create roll down shades with burlap fabric
  • Use a straw beach mat for curtains for a truly coastal look
  • Frame a wooden kitchen utensil by making your own shadow box frame Create your own vintage wooden serving tray

Step 6: Check Out Hometalk for All the DIYs

You can find tutorials for all of these DIY projects on Hometalk’s curated Get The Look For Less: Beach House Kitchen board.

Hometalk is the perfect place to get all the How-To advice you need in order to “get the look for less”. Read what other DIY renovation projects homeowners have done and what worked for them. You can also get advice from Hometalk’s home improvement experts for your specific questions. Here, we break out how to get this beautiful coastal kitchen’s look by each DIY project.

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