Get Your Broken Tv to Turn On




Step 1: Test to See If It Will Work

Tv won't turn on? Hold down the power button on the tv and see if the power light flickers dimly. If it does it should turn on by following the next steps

Step 2: Toggle the Power Button

Use a coin, penny or dime to wedge down the power button on your hd tv. Once it's wedged it should try to turn on the tv over and over. You will see the power light flickering dimly. Now go grab a hair blow me.

Step 3: Blow Your Tv for 20 Secs

So the button is wedged in and the tv is trying to turn on. On the back of the tv, there are some vents. On my Insignia tv I put the blow dryer right up to the top right vent holes and turn it on high heat. I let it blow in the tv for about 10 secs or less and the tv will turn on. You know it worked when the power light turns a solid color, just take out the penny and the tv will turn on now. If the top vent doesn't seem to work or it takes to long, try different vents on the tv. I have no idea how this works, I just noticed one day when my tv was next to the heater. I hope it works for you.



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