Getting Start With Quilling




Introduction: Getting Start With Quilling

Hi, in this instructables I not only tell you how to make a specific thing with quilling paper but also I teach you about basics of Quilling. This is for beginner’s who don’t Know About Quilling and by this instructables I want to inspire people to do quilling. 5 months ago I made a small tutorial about how to make Keyrings with quilling. That tutorial is very popular and also and featured in homepage of instrutables. So I then decide to make a whole beginner’s tutorial about quilling but for my studies I can’t make it. But now Finally I made this. There are many other quilling tutorials on instructables but If you are a beginner you can’t make it. But after reading this you have a basic knowledge on quilling and make any quilling art on the internet.

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Step 1: What Is Quilling?

Before starting you need to know about quilling. Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. – Wikipedia

With help of quilling you can make keyrings, jewellery, decorative items, Greeting cards, 3D models and much more thing. In this tutorial you can learn how to start with quilling, making basic shapes, making keyring, decorative items, flower and also some basic knowledge about quilling. I also added lots of photos for easy to understand.

Step 2: Required Things

Let’s know about what things we need to start: -

1) Quilling Paper

2) Quilling needle tool

3) Pair of Scissors

4) Glue

5) Circle sizer ruler

6) Glitter (For make it more beautiful!)

7) Quilling Comb (You can use any hair comb)

So Now we are ready to go!!!!

Step 3: Let’s Start

Let’s start by making a coil. First take a strip of quilling paper and the quilling needle tool. Put the paper in to the needle as show in picture then start rolling. Then make a tight coil and put it on the circular ruler to uncoil for some time (Show in pictures). After that you have loose coil. Paste the end with some glue and you coil is ready now you can make any shape with it.

Step 4: Basic Shapes

The most basic shape is Teardrop. To make it just carefully pinch on side the loose coil (show picture) and your tear drop ready. With this you can many things (Telling later)

Another basic shape marquis. To make this just carefully pinch both ends of a loose coil and (show picture) and your marquis is ready.

Like this you can make square, triangle, half circle and many other shape.

Here I Link a video that I find in internet about basic quilling shapes where you can learn how to make all basic shapes (I don’t take the credit of the videos).


Now let’s go to next step.

Step 5: Simple Keyring

Let’s start with making a simple heart shaped keyring. Take two stripes of quilling paper and make 2 loose coil of same size by using the circle ruler. Then make two same size teardrop by it. After that place them as show in picture then paste them by glue. Use a small piece of quilling paper to make the hole of key ring and paste it glue as show in the picture. Let it dry for some time and your key ring is ready. Use some glitter on it to make a beautiful look. Now let’s try to make some other things.

Step 6: Simple Fish

Take one stripe of paper and make a teardrop. Take another strip of paper and cut it into half. Make two loose coil with both of them. After that make the Fines of Fish as picture with both of them. Take another half strip make the tail fin of the fish as picture. The first teardrop will be the body of the fish. Glue all parts as show in the picture. Let it dry for some time and you Fish is ready. Use glitter to give a beautiful look. Additionally, you can add a keyring hole like the heart to use it as key ring.

Step 7: Butterfly

Now let’s do something different. Take strip of two different color and cut them in half. Then paste the two different color half together with glue (show the picture). Now make a loose coil with the new strip and then make a teardrop from. The teardrop has two colors! Make another same size teardrop with reaming half strips. This is the wings of the butterfly. Take another strip and cut it in half. With one half make a marquis and with other half make a tight coil (see the picture). The marquis is the body and the tight coil is the head of the butterfly. Take a half strip and make half of it. Roll one side of each paper and glue it into head like the picture. The place all parts with glue in the picture carefully and let it dry for some time. Your Butter fly is ready now. Use some glitter to give it a beautiful look. You can use it for keyring, pendant.

This is some tricky if you made this correctly that means you learn the simple basic of quilling. Now you can easily make other quilling thing that you can find in the internet and the other tutorials in the instructables. But This is not end let’s learn some more advance and tricky quilling.

Step 8: Make Flower Using Quilling Comb

With just use of quilling comb tool you can make many things without help of the needle tool. Let’s start with the comb tool. Take a strip of quilling paper and make a small loop in it and paste it with glue (see the picture). After that put it on the comb and make loops like the picture. After making about five loops on both side paste the end with glue and remove it from the comb. Fold it in half as the picture and make a shape like tear drop and use the reaming strip to fix it in position with glue. Now make another two teardrops like this. That another strip of paper and make a tight circle then put them together like the picture and your beautiful flower is ready. Use some glitter to give a beautiful look

Step 9: Another Flower Using Combing Technique

This is another beautiful thing that you can make with combing. First take a strip of quilling paper then put it into the in the comb like the image. After that paste it with glue and start making loop but make it on just one side of comb like image. Make five loops and paste with glue and put it out from the comb. Now pinch the bottom of the paper and start making loop (see the picture). Two big on each side and two small on each side now use the remaining paper to make outer layer and paste it. Your first petal is ready. Now make another 4 petals and paste them like the image. Your flower is ready. Use some glitter to give a beautiful look.

I understand it is hard to make this by only reading so I attach a video from internet that I found (I not take the credits of videos it belongs to the owner)

Step 10: Theme Design

You can make many theme in Greeting Card, or on a chart
paper like – Under Water (You can make a quilling fish, Some bubble’s, A horse fish etc.), Flower theme (A butterfly, Some flowers) and many things. You can search in internet for more ideas. I make a theme and post a picture see it if you need some idea.

Step 11: Conclusion

The aim of this tutorial is to provide the basic knowledge of quilling to beginners so they can know about quilling and find some fun in it. I will happy if you make something and post it in comments. Share your thoughts, ideas and problem with comments. Thank you for reading this.

Step 12: Help Area

If you see something cool quilling on internet but cannot understand how to make it just send me the picture, videos, link and I will try my best to solve your problem by making an easy tutorial here.

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