Getting Started on a Pfaff 461 Industrial Sewing Machine




Find how to setup the threads and how to control a Pfaff 461 sewing machine with a thread cutter and reverse pedal.

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Step 1: Setup Lower Thread

If necessary take out the whole machine a little bit with the right arm (it's heavy), now put away the lid to uncover the lower thread's mechanism. Take out the coil. Setup the thread on the side of the machine like in the third picture. Fix the thread to the coil by threading through the coil and leaving an excess of 1cm (less than in the picture), or think of another way. Press the coil to the machine and press the flap which is right above it down to the coil. Start the engine until done.

Cut the start of the thread and leave the end like 5cm long. If necessary, clean the low thread mechanism by lifting the toe-plate or by turning the hand wheel of the machine. Reassemble the coil.

Step 2: Setup Upper Thread

Put thread through these tightening discs with this spring, through the eccentric thingie, from left to right through the needle, and through the toe plate. Use light tightening force, adjustable with the nut on the spring, first.

Step 3: Operate

Now lift the toe-plate, put in a cloth, and try your luck. If there is a thread-jam on the backside of the cloth, increase the tightening of the upper thread.

Good luck

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    3 years ago

    Threading doesn't match the manual. At the first guide bar (with 4 holes in it) continue through alternate holes and route thread around behind the guide disc and then straight down between the two thread tension discs. Lead the thread up through the take up spring and back down around the thread guide. From there lead straight up to the thread take up lever and then down through the guides to the needle. I didn't see a free reference on the internet, have to get the manual.