Ghetto DVD Rewinder

About: An electrical engineer who likes to make things.

Since regular DVD rewinders are so expensive I designed a simple cheap DVD rewinder you can make yourself.

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Step 1: Parts

-A motor
-Some Tape
-A Small Cardboard Box
-Some Wire
-A Battery

Step 2: Wire Up the Motor

Get your motor (I found mine in a thing) and attach wire to it.
Then, attach one of the wire to one end of the battery.

Step 3: Finish Him.

Attach the motor to the side of the box with some tape.

Step 4: How to Use It

1. Take the DVD you want to rewind and put tape over the center hole.
2. Stick the tape to the motor, make sure it's on the part that spins.
3. Attach the unattached wire to the free side of the battery.
4. When it's done rewinding remove the DVD for use.
WARNING! Make sure you spin it to the left, to rewind it.

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4 years ago on Introduction

I just wait until midnight, then play it >> Forward. Since the world is now upside down, the DVD is in essence "<< Rewinding. The next morning it is freshly rewound. Ta Da!


5 years ago on Introduction

I clicked on this just to read the comments, needed a good laugh!


5 years ago on Introduction

Finally, a product I can’t use. I already have too many gadgets and gizmos that occupy my time. Thank you Magnelectrostatic. What a relief.

No, but really, I applaud your creativity.


5 years ago

Cool project but doesn't do anything just spins.


7 years ago on Introduction

Finally, I can re-watch that copy of Titanic I bought YEARS ago. Thank you, sir.

I am completely serious. I know it may not look good, but it does work just as well as any name brand rewinder.

smart@$$ DVD re-winders are not real or are they what theirs a giltct in the matrix mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cold just open up the DVD player add wires to the motor then hook it up on to a battrie and switch right


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

You don't notice it as much as with tapes, but if you rewind your DVDs you find they start much faster.

It's not a well known problem, it's because the laser read head inevitably changes the polarization of the media when you play it, and the next time you play it the drive has to undo that before it can read it. Some expensive DVDs have dual heads and don't have this delay, but not the cheap drives most people have.


8 years ago on Introduction

I am very concerned over the usage of these DVD rewinders. I had a pet mouse that started growing another head. This made me very concerned.

After heavy research into the cause of his misfortune, I determined that the radiation emanating from the DVD rewinder sitting next to his cage was the cause of the problem.

You see, the way digital media is recorded onto the DVD surface can cause some of the electrons in the inner orbitals of the medium's atoms to jump to higher levels whilst skipping the normal pattern of filling in the lower sublevels. Hence, when the DVD is rewound on a device which does not have a built in mechanism for radiation dampening, the abnormally high frequency of radiation the electrons release when falling back into their original orbitals emanates freely in all directions from the device. It is a little known fact that all commercial units sold are required by law to have this radiation dampening mechanism in place. The radiation, as my mouse would attest to, causes mutations in DNA.

So I would caution anyone in making/using one of these DVD rewinding deices to first:
1. Check with local laws to find out the ordinances governing the usage of non-radiation shielded DVD rewinders.
2. Make sure any usage of non-commercial DVD rewinders is limited to an area where a living organism (such as my mouse) is not within 42 feet of the unit while it is rewinding a DVD.

A probable fix fo this, however, might be to coat the DVD in marshmallows before rewinding. It has been suggested that the abnormal frequency of radiation emanating from the rewinding DVD is of such a nature that the atoms in the marshmallows can absorb the radiation before it can escape into the surrounding environment. In turn, these marshmallows can serve a dual purpose in that they will then glow in the dark after exposure to this radiation - hence a new and greener source of kiddy night lights might result from all of this..

However, I have not yet been able to test this theory... any takers?

in summary: The results can be disastrous if the above cautions are not taken to heart. You see, my poor little pet mouse is now living a life of misery. You would think the old adage "two heads are better than one" would apply here, but he has found this not to be the case. Why? His main problem is that every time the new head tries to sing "Home on the Range," it is always a quarter tone flat. So my mouse can never again give a non-dis-harmonic voice recital! All this b/c I failed to shield my home made DVD rewinder.

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The problem here is the mouse was closer than any other conductor. If you substitute the mouse (conductor) with other types of conductors, you could find some really interesting results. For example, a frog will not grow another head but will instead have tadpoles within 12 hours with multiple heads.

If you notice the warning label on the bottom, it states you must keep wives and girlfriends at a distance during operation, else she may also grow another head. This could be bad. However, if you reverse the polarity...

AHA! That explains it! After spending the weekend with me (well - he WILL have spent the weekend with me in about 5 years) my young nephew (not born yet - see your later [?] post about using this mechanism for time distortion - you see - I did it - or - will have done it - or will do it already - depending on which direction you look at the problem) was bit by a strange looking red and blue spider the he found even closer to the mechanism than my pet mouse (BTW, I changed my mouse;s name to Zaphod). After this happened, my nephew started (will have started, will start, did start - see above note of time distortion), literally, climbing the walls (and spinning webs).

So I am assuming that the spider actually must have been closer than the mouse and somehow had its arachnid DNA mutated to impart these special abilities to my nephew Peter.

I really appreciate this forum where I can learn so much from other people.

BTW - cute baby pic!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

why bother, we are all time travelers traveling at exactly 60min/hour threw time.

I noticed you used a 9v battery. It's the fact that this is so portable that makes it so handy. But what I think may really be happening is it is not 'rewinding' the DVD but is actually reversing time in very small increments.

I'd like to see this theory tested using a power inverter and a 500v power source. Of course you would need an appropriate diode to prevent it from accidentally going forward in time.

If this theory is correct, then it is only the device and DVD that are moving in time, and not its surroundings. But with some creativity, you could expand the area of effect. However if everything went back in time and not just the DVD, we wouldn't even notice that it had worked.

1 reply

8 years ago on Step 4

This instructable will work wonders at my job, and perhaps let us cut out staff in half (work at video editing department for promos) But I am concerned that your not actually rewinding a CD or DVD in this picture but one of those AOL frisbees/ drink coaster that are cleverly designed to look like a CD but arent good for much else. Will this work on rewinding REAL CDs/ DVDs?

1 reply

To be quite honest this works on anything that fits. CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, tires, and most other things within our dimension. (things outside of time won't work)