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Introduction: Girls Poncho Set With Toys

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I made this poncho set from Lion Brand's Romance acrylic,mohair yarn. A store nearby was selling this the big 8oz skeins of this yarn for only $5.00. I've always loved the look of this yarn, but never could afford to purchase any of it.....until now!!! It is awesome to work with. I have done so many things with this yarn. I love working with it. One of the first things I did make with it was this adorable little poncho set. I used the cream color Romance and added Lion Brand Fun Fur as an accent thru out the set. (the same store was selling the Fun Fur for only $1.00 a skein)... I made a poncho, hat, wrist cuffs, a matching poncho and hat for an American Girl doll, purse for doll, and a cradle/purse with a little doll inside. I designed everything myself, except the cradle/purse. I got that pattern from an old Hooked on Crochet book from the 80's...I gave the set to my niece for Christmas...she just loves it!!
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