Girly Bot Draws

About: Teacher San Francisco

I started this project by trying to build a simple Squiggle Bot. Buying a computer fan was pretty expensive so I decided to try a hack instead. I bought a Dora Explorer Bubble Fan from Walgreens for $3.99 and created this girly masterpiece.

First, I disassembled the bubble fan and studied the component parts. I decided to replace the battery set-up and use a 9 V with a battery holder because it fit better into the body of the robot and that is what the Easy Squiggle Bot uses. I cut off the original AA battery holder and used it for the face of my robot. The plastic was pretty soft so it was easy to cut in to with regular scissors. 

Instead of cutting the blades off the fan, I taped a heavy metal screw to one of the four blades to create an unevenly weighted fan. That made the robot kind of hop around in a circle. I want to experiment a bit more with weighting the fan because I think I can make her move in more interesting ways to create more interesting art.

To get her moving, I attach the two pieces of her tail, which completes the battery circuit. The end of one wire is a loop and the end of the other is a hook. They stay connected pretty well even when she is hopping around.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    If you are concerned about cost because you want to use this in the classroom, you can probably get a recycling center to donate dozens of computer fans free of charge.