Glass Like Finish on Wood




Introduction: Glass Like Finish on Wood

Hey I'm Batmantwo and I'm a 15 year old who loves making things so here's my instrutable
This is a nice way of finishing if you project with a professional look and feel
It's also fairly cheap to do

Step 1: Sanding Your Wood

This is one of the most important steps in this whole project. I started with 120 and went through all the grits to 1000 you can go higher I probably would if I did it again make sure you sand the whole project that you want to have the glass finish

Step 2: Cleaning the Wood

Clean the wood so there's no more dust or anything on it. Make sure there isn't any scratches in the wood because you won't be able to get rid of them Once you have finished the wood

Step 3: Set Up for the Epoxy

Place the wood on another piece of scrap wood and place a plastic back under it to stop the over spill from gluing something else

Mix up the epoxy in a cup and try not to add bubbles to this to make it easier later

Step 4: Pour the Epoxy

Pouring the epoxy isn't easy you have to find the perfect height to pour the epoxy from not to high or you add bubbles and not to low or you touch the product and add fingerprint. Take a paint brush and push the epoxy to all the corners of the wood and down the sides once your happy with the consistency of the epoxy than leave in for twenty minutes after the twenty minutes come back and use a blow torch and pop the bubbles when doing this don't stay in one spot for to long or it will Cook the epoxy just a quick wavey movement over it than leave it for twenty four hours to set

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 If Needed

If needed repeats step 4 to get a higher shine on the wood do a little sanding with the highest grit sandpaper and just knock off the high spots then repeat step four

Step 6: Polish the Piece

Use some plastic polish and a rag to wipe on the polish and then buff it off with the rag



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    11 Discussions

    Is there a matte finish option for this resin? Or can one add a matte finish topcoat of maybe polyurethane varnish? Thanks!

    1 reply

    Yes if you sand and don’t re apply any more resin but you will have to wet sand to 10,000 or more


    1 year ago

    Nice work. When sanding 1st layer and after a considerable hardening, I dip the finest sand paper on hand in kerosin. I don't comprehend why the torch. Can't you postpone this project until the sun is shining high? My way saves the polishing step.

    Best regards

    1 reply

    The torch is there to pop the top level of bubbles

    Do you have a preferred source for inexpensive epoxy in large quantities?

    1 reply

    Gilbequick I have used this for my resin this may not be enough for a big table though but have fun
    Thanks jacob

    It's a good idea to level the piece very carefully before pouring the resin, for an even coat.

    1 reply

    Looks very nice! Do you think it's really necessary to go that high with the grits? Since the epoxy creates the smooth coat

    That would probably be a good idea because it takes a bit of getting use to when spreading the resin evenly

    I should probably try this on a small project first--before attacking the dining room table????