Glowing Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Bag




Introduction: Glowing Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Bag

I put this together for Halloween 2009 and didn't think much of it until other parents offered to buy it off me.

This is my first instructable so bear with me.

This is a glowing Halloween trick or treat candy bucket.  I did this because some of the areas we were trick-or-treating were not well-lit and I was worried the kids would not be seen in the dark.  A flashlight would have also worked but that's another thing to carry around.  The lights in the bucket also helped the kids find their favorite candy in the dark.  

The buckets were $1 each from a Dollar Tree store.

The LEDs are battery operated white LED Christmas lights from Big Lots for $5

Step 1:

Put the LEDs in the bucket and hot glue the lights around the inside of the bucket and the battery compartment to the bottom.

Step 2:

Being LED you don't have to worry about heat and the three AA batteries are probably good for 10+ hours

If you think you need more room for candy put the bucket in a plastic grocery bag. The light shines through just fine.  

Step 3:

You're done.

If you don't have a Dollar Tree or Big Lots near by I found similar lights on Amazon for $5 and the pumpkin bucket for $3

I uploaded some photos of us trick-or-treating so you can see how incredibly bright these buckets turned out.  I'm sure by 2011 or 2012 Walmart will be selling these ;)

Good luck and stay safe!

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    this is very nice you can also put velcro tabs 3 around the top and i on the pack itself and line fabric tht can be taken out to replace batteries when neede,this way the lights do not interfare with the candy...