Glowing Mad Scientist Specimen Jar (Jello Edible)




Introduction: Glowing Mad Scientist Specimen Jar (Jello Edible)

Whilst at work I was thinking about Halloween and all the scary things in it. Then I started thinking of what kind of display I could make for a Mad Scientist Lab. I started designing a light box to shine light from the bottom of a jar through, making it light up. Then I realised that I did not have anything to shine the light into. I looked at coloured liquid soaps but they were too expensive and didn't have any uses after the display was taken down. So I thought for a while and got a brilliant idea. In using jello the display would not cost much and you can eat it afterwards or even put the display in the dining room if you have a themed dinner.

Now that I have bored you with this story, let's get started.

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

Now as with every instruction list, I will begin mine with a list of what is needed to make the Glowing Mad Scientist Display.

You will need:

> Small Boxes

>Glass or Plastic jars

>A Light (I used a Fluorescent light)

>Electrical cord

>A Black Light Globe (optional)

>Black and White Paint

>Glad wrap

>Jello of different colours

>Colouring (optional)

>Tonic Water (optional)

>Body Part Candy or Insect-shaped Candy

And these Tools:

>Glue or Hot Glue Gun

>Carpenter's knife

>Staple Gun


>Paint Brushes (obviously)


>Measuring cup

Step 2: Building the Light Box

Now that you have everything gathered you can start by assembling the light box. This box will be the base of the display.

Start by patching up any holes in the boxes. Then attach them to each other using glue or a hot glue gun so that they form a tunnel. The boxes should only be long enough to fit the light inside them.

After they are attached space the lids of the jars out in a line on top of the boxes. Mark where the lids are and cut holes in the boxes for the lids, to be able to fit through. Note that the jar must be bigger than the lid or else the whole thing will fall through.

Paint the inside of the boxes white and the outside black. Edit: You can also use spray paint that will dry quicker and you do not need to paint the insides if you are short on time.

Fit the light inside and secure it.

Close the ends with other pieces of boxes.

Step 3: The Jelloooooooo!

Now that you have finished the base, you can start with the jello. Now there are two ways to make the jello, the first is just as is instructed on the box and the other is using the optional tonic water as substitute for the water. If you use the tonic water a black light must be used as the black light's Uv rays react with the quinine in the tonic water making it glow instead of just shining. Also, note that if you use the second option red coloured jello will not work as it is too high in the colour spectrum.

Start by making the jello. Put it in the fridge in any container. Let it set half way and then pour it into the jars. Put one piece of candy in each jar. Make sure that the candy is in the middle. If the lid is see through fill the jar to the brim and put the lid on. If not cut a hole in the top of the lid, put glad wrap on it (Enough layers to keep the jello in) and screw the lid on. The lid should allow light lo pass through it or the display will not work.

Edit: If you want the jello to set faster put ice cubes in the cold water and simply use less water.

Edit: Put the object you want to display in ice cube holders with jello and once set in the jars. This will help with positioning and orientating them.

Edit: You can also use rubber bands to keep the glad wrap in place.

Step 4: Final Assembly!!!!

Once the jello has set and the paint is dry you can set the display up.

Put the jars upside down in the holes, light it up and there you have it. A beautiful display of light for that mad scientist's lab that you can eat afterward!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable and if you did please vote for it and please if you have anything to say do so, I would love to hear from you and maybe improve on my design.

Happy crafting.

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