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I LOVE my original gluten free sandwich bread recipe, but don't always have the time or patience it takes to make it properly (bread takes a long time to rise).  There are four steps to making homemade bread:  mixing, rising, baking and cooling.   I have come up with a new way to make bread (using the same basic recipe) that shortens each of these steps...with the new total time start to finish of only about 2 hours!   The secret is in the pan.   Instead of using one 1 lb loaf pan to make a normal sized loaf of sandwich bread, I used 4 mini loaf pans and made 4 small loaves of bread.  This shortens the rising, baking, and cooling times dramatically.   I used the William Sonoma Gold Touch Nonstick Mini Loaf Pans and they are amazing and the only pans I will ever use to bake bread.  The other change I made to the original recipe is using a food processor instead of a stand mixer.  It shortens the mixing time by more than half.   You still end up with the same quantity of bread (1 lb), but in a different format.   I used the tiny slices of bread to make a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my son (which he devoured) and an open faced meatball and parmesan sandwich for myself.  (see photos above)   I always take the leftovers and make homemade bread crumbs to keep in the freezer (used for meatballs)!


2 TB active dry yeast (equal to 2 packets)
1.5 TB sugar
1.5 cups water (heated to about 110 degrees)
1 cup cornstarch
1 cup millet flour
1 cup sorghum flour
1 TB xanthan gum (equal to 1 packet)
2 tsp salt
2 TB olive oil
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
3 egg whites (at room temperature)
*You will need 4 mini loaf pans for this recipe...


1.  If your water starts out cold from the fridge (filtered water...what I use), heat it in a glass measuring cup in the microwave for 1 min 25 seconds (it will need much less time if its room temp from the faucet).  Stir in the sugar to dissolve.  Add in your 2 TB (packets) of yeast and let sit for a few will get foamy.
2.  Put the flours, cornstarch, salt and xanthan gum into the bowl of a food processor (mine is 11 cup capacity).   Pulse 5 times to combine.
3.  Add the yeast/water mixture and turn on full speed for about 20 seconds.
4.  In a small bowl, mix the egg whites, apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  Add to food processor bowl.  Mix everything on high for about 60 seconds.....scrape down the sides of the bowl if needed.
5.  Spray your mini loaf pans (1/4 lb capacity each) with non-stick cooking spray (I use olive oil flavor).
6.  Spoon the dough evenly into the 4 mini loaf pans and smooth out the top with a spatula.  After this step, do not touch the dough again!!
7.   Cover your loaf pans with a dish towel and let your dough rise until it just about doubles (it takes me an hour on the counter).   The dough in these pans will rise faster than one larger loaf because of the smaller quantity.
8.  While the dough is rising, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
9.  Bake for 38 minutes....until golden brown on top.
10.  Let cool completely (take out of pan, lay on its side) on a cooling rack before slicing.  Makes four 1/4 lb loaves.

This is such a fun sized bread!  Because the dough is not weighed down at all, it rises quickly and stays light and airy!  It is perfect for little kids, appetizers (toasted and topped with fun things), tea party/baby shower sized sandwiches, picnics, etc.   I have found that 2 of these little sandwiches just about equals one normal sized sandwich.  They are also a perfect size to share with neighbors/friends.   I want to make this ALL the time now, it really is very fast and so easy!   Once you taste this, you will never again buy GF bread from a store :)




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    I have to try this!

    If you want "regular size" sandwiches, turn the loaf 90° and slice the long way. That's how we slice the mini loaves I take to my dad.

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, thanks for this great recipe! Have you experimented with any other flour varieties besides the sorghum and millet? If so, I'd love to read about them.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Yes, I've experimented with many different GF flours. I tend to use a combination (differnet %'s each time) of whole grain flours and refined starches to keep the texture/protein content similar to regular bread. Its really a matter of taste preference, as each flour tastes slightly different. I don't care for the taste of any one flour on its own, so I almost always do a mixture of many different flours to get a multi-grain taste. Some of the flours I work with most often are oat flour, brown rice flour, buckwheat, sorghum, millet, corn meal, ground flax seed, tapioca starch, and corn starch. I use almond and coconut flour for other baked goods, but not for sandwich bread because the texture would be way off. One flour I have yet to experiment with is quinoa. We eat it whole and its tasty...but I haven't baked with it yet.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Of course! Like any bread (gluten or not), the texture will not be exactly the same once defrosted...but it will still taste good. If you plan to only use a slice or two at a time, I would cut the bread first, then freeze in a thick Ziploc bag....and pull out only what you need each time. Once defrosted, do not re-freeze. You can actually put frozen bread slices directly in the toaster (without defrosting first) and they come out great :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Is your brother allergic to egg substitute? If not you could try using them instead of eggs.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the awesome and EASY recipe for us g/f folks.


    5 years ago

    Hi that bread looks amazing :) I'm gluten and lactose intolerant I must make it :D