GoPro Poloarizer/UltraViolet Filter Adapter Hack

Introduction: GoPro Poloarizer/UltraViolet Filter Adapter Hack

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Find out how to adapt 55mm Polarizer, UltraViolet, colour correction, and other photography filters onto an unmodified GoPro Dive Case. The major advantages to placing a filter in front of your GoPro instead of extra editing in post are increased quality (less dead pixels due to under/over exposure) and keeping your GoPro SAFE (Pun very much intended). The more layers of glass and/or plastic in front of your lens the better.

The simple and compact design of this filter holder ensures that it will not interfere with the camera's field of view nor will it accidentally dislodge while in use (as the filter acts as a lock nut for the lock ring).


- GoPro Dive Case

- 55mm Filter (That you don't like)

- 55mm Filter (That you do like)
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Step 1: Sacrafice a 55mm Filter

I sacrificed a scratched and chipped 55mm Saturn filter. Break the lens over a garbage pail or tray and remove the shards with pliers. Make sure not to damage the lens casing or retaining ring.

Step 2: Pop It On

Place the empty lens casing over the dive case lens (threads towards the GoPro) and pop the retaining ring back into the casing. I needed to use the pliers to force it back in.

Step 3: Screw on Your Favorite Filter

It is now time to screw on your favorite filter and test out your GoPro. I have found that polarizers can do wonders for hard to expose areas such as cycling or skiing through trees (see above images).

Have a great day and make sure to post any pictures that you capture in the comments below!

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