GoPro Hand Mount

Introduction: GoPro Hand Mount

Well I bought a Gopro and I soon noticed that you must always mount it to an object to take a video, and I dont really have any other video capturing device. I needed a way to hold the camera in my hand, and of course my first instinct was to check the internet. I saw many peoples ideas on a way to hold it but none of it seemed reasonable. I was searching and I saw that someone had taken apart an airsoft gun and glued a mount to the top and that got me thinking what if i used my old slingshot that was like $5 dollars at walmart or something. The whole project cost about $10 and is awesome, waterproof, and functional. Im sorry I dont have any pictures of the build but I do have pictures of the finnished product.

Step one: I took the slingshot apart by removing the back three screws. The slingshot then will come apart in four peices. the two pieces of the handle, the Y shaped piece with the actual rubber band and leather strap, and finally the piece that rests on your arm to stabalize the slingshot.

Step Two: Reassembly on the slingshot only this time do not put the Y shaped piece back in.

Step Three: Although the top of the slingshot will have to holes in it to accommodate the shaped peice, anyhow just take it and file it down really good until its smooth.

Step Four: I took the base of the stand that the GoPro itself comes in and sanded it down until it was the same size as the typical mount. If you use the bottom of the stand it wont have adhesive or any plastic under it which makes it perfect hollow if you will under there. Then sand the bottom as well as you can because its important.

Step Five: Apply adhesive to the top of the slingshot and the bottom of the gopro stand! Let it sit I know Its hard for me to wait but I actually waited for the 24 hours like the adhesive directions said . Adhesive which is easily found basically at any hardware store walmart pretty much anywhere, I would NOT use super glue because of how brittle it is.

I also applied prewrap to the handle ust to make it softer and more comfortable on my hand.

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    6 years ago

    Good idea i love it but can u make another one on how to make it but other than that nice


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! Its so easy to do and I got mine from walmart I got you the link to the exact slingshot I used. There are other slingshots however this is the only one that folds in half and i choose that because I could just fold it up and fit it in my camera bag. Anyhow heres the link.