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Introduction: GoPro Suction Cup Windshield Mount

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Very easy and cheap suction cup windshield mount for your GoPro camera.

Step 1: Buy Suction Cups

Bought two of these at A.C.Moore craft store for $1 each.
They are rated to carry 3 lbs. each. 
Make sure you examine them carefully. I had to return one that was not sticking to the glass because it was a bit distorted.
Remove suction cup from clip. Save clip for other uses.

Step 2: Mount Support Strip

I used a piece of aluminum angle I had lying around and cut it to about 4"-5" long.
You could also use a piece of 1"x1" wood or other material.

Drill holes for the suction cup screws at each end of the support strip.
Also drill a 1/4" hole for the camera mount screw in the center of the strip, but perpendicular to the suction cup screw holes.

In my case, the screws that came with the suction cup were fairly short so they worked with the thin aluminum.
If you use wood or thicker material, use longer screws.
Just make sure the screws don't penetrate the back inside surface of the suction cup.
I had to use washers to make up the required thickness to ensure the screws did go through the suction cup.

Step 3: Camera Mount

I used a GoPro Tripod camera mount, because it is cheap and can be used with multiple different mounting strategies
This takes a standard 1/4" -20 thread screw.
Again, use washers if your screw is too long for the condition.

Step 4: Mount to Windshield

Mount to inside surface of windshield.
I use it facing forward in upside down mode.
I have used it for timelapse as well as video.
For an example of the timelapse taken over a 2-hour car ride, see

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    awesome, where does your go pro not go? you seem to have quite the setup!