Google Apps and Extensions




Introduction: Google Apps and Extensions

This instructional guide will help you navigate through your Google Drive and through Chrome Webstore to find apps and extensions that will enhance your instruction!

Step 1: What Is Chromestore?

As I mentioned, apps and extensions can be accessed through two different places on Google. However, I feel the layout of Chromestore is more clear, so we will start there!

Step 2: Where Is My Chromestore?

To enter the Chrome Web Store, you can either Google the word "Chrome Web Store," or you can click the shopping bag icon at the top of your Google browser.

**Remember to get full access of these apps, you need to be in your CHROME browser, not INTERNET EXPLORER

Step 3: Finding Apps

Now this will be like looking for apps on an iPad or on your cellphone. You can search under just education, or look throughout all the apps. Many are free, but some do cost!

Step 4: How to Find Extensions

Apps are websites or desktop programs that allow you to create on or off the internet (photo editors, video creators, flash card makers, graphic organizer creators, learning management tools, etc.) Extensions are add-one to programs that you already have (adding a highlighter function to Google, adding a window resizer to your browser, adding shortcut icons on your browser, etc.). These extensions offer ways to complete tasks faster and to make your life more simple!

Step 5: Finding Apps Through Google Drive

You will find the same apps here. These all can be linked to your drive, which is pretty awesome since you can access all of your saved creations, projects, etc. in one place. You will find your drive by first going to You will then click on the array of 9 squares in the top right corner.

Once you click, click on the triangle that says Drive.

Step 6: Searching for Apps

Like I mentioned, this set up is not nearly as nice as the one on Chrome Web Store, but it serves the same purpose.

First click create on the left of your screen. Then at the bottom of the pop-up window select "connect more apps." Then, just search what you are looking for or browse through the apps When you find one you like click install!

Step 7: Where Can I Find All of My Apps?

You can find your apps in several different places. Two of the easiest places are on your new tab screen and in your drive.

To get to your new tab screen, you need to be in chrome. The first screen that pops up should be a "new tab screen" that lists all your apps. If not, you can click on a new tab, and this should be the first thing you see.

To get to your apps in your Drive, click create and select the app that you would like to use.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for making this so clear. Google's design aesthetic is perhaps too clean sometimes...