Gorilla Soldier Rifle

Introduction: Gorilla Soldier Rifle

In this instructable we will be making a gun belonging to a Gorilla soldier from the movie Planet of the Apes. 

Step 1: You Will Need:


A 2x4. (at least 2 feet long)

A 1/2 inch thick piece of PVC pipe. (at least a few inches long)

A 1x2 peice of oak. (at least half a foot  long)

Black and dark brown spray paint.

A ton of hot glue.


One indelible ink pen.

One Jigsaw/Band saw.

 A drill or drill press.

A sander.

A hot glue gun.

A hack saw.

Step 2: Cutting Things

First you will need to cut your 2x4 down to about 2 or 3 feet long with the bandsaw or jigsaw*. Next cut your PVC to about 2 inches long, and your oak to about 4 inches long using the hacksaw*.

*Be careful, these tools are sharp. You could cut your hand off, especially with the band saw. I am not to be held accountable for any injuries received during the following of this Instructable. 

Step 3: Shaping the Body

First, Draw the shape of the gun onto your cut-down 2x4. Next using the band-saw and/or jigsaw, cut out the shape. For the cavity in the middle, get two large circular drill bits and drill a hole on each end of it. Then using the band-saw or jigsaw cut between the two holes, and knock the hunk of wood out onto the floor. After this is done, sand your gun smooth with an electrical sander. Your gun should look like picture #3. 

Step 4: Painting Things

Now take your small peice of PVC and your peice of oak, put them on a plastic bag, and spray paint them black. After this is done, take the body of your gun and put it on a trashbag outside. Pull out your brown spray paint and give it a good coat. Wait however long your paint takes to dry, (I had to wait over night.) and then flip it over. After this is done, spray the other side. 

Step 5: Gluing It All Together

As you can see in picture #1, I have all the parts layed out on my desk. Now after doing this your going to get your glue gun, get it nice and hot and glue the parts on as demonstrated in the photos.

Step 6: Enjoy!

This gun can be applied to the costume of your choice. 

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