Gourmet-Recycling Bird House

Introduction: Gourmet-Recycling Bird House

As I live in the 4th floor and don't have any pets I liked the idea of watching some birds near our window. On a weekend I created this bird house out of things I had there. As I didn't plan it I didn't make any photos in progress so I can't show it to you with good step by step pictures. I try my best to give you a good idea how to do it yourself. Feel free to ask more questions if you need.

You need:
1. an empty plastic butter-dish from "la Motte President Sea-Salt butter"- my favourite butter with a great taste!!
(I left it like it was, but you may colour it with some acrylic paint and nice colours, some clouds or whatever you like easily)

2. some packthread or cord (if you want some more stability and durability and have some you coukd use some thin wire)

3. an old  cd or dvd you dont like or is scratched

4. some coins as weight (perhaps from your last vacation or old currencys)

5. some "Tesa" - transparent adhesive tape

6. a hungry bird

What to do:

1. Make sure the butterdish is clean.

2. Take the base of the dish-It will become the base of your feeder where you will put the food on. Put it upside down on a table, put as many coins next to each other on it as fits. The coins work as weight because the material of the dish is very lightweight.

3. cover the coins with the cd/dvd

4. press together firmly and fix the cd and the base with some adhesive tape crosswise. Make sure nothing can fallout.There will be some tape-stripes crossing the upper side of the base too. Don't worry- it will work as some kind of wind-cover so the birdseeds and nuts don't fly away. Make sure not to use too much tape to  leave enough space to put some food on the base and for the birds to pick between.

5. take the top of the butter-dish. Make a hole in the middle (not too big).

6. use three very long stripes of the packthread/cord to connect the base with the top and build a hanger.

!! This is a little bit tricky to describe: you can try your own system.
The aim is to connect the base with the top but with enough space in between so the birds can fly in.

9. I started with the base that comes with some holes in the outer ring already. I knoted the three stripes through the holes and then went up through the hole in the top. I lead the string then downwards again and chose the distance between bottom and top and knotted each string to itself at the bottomside of the top. Now I went up through the hole again and at the end braided al three strings together for the hanger. you can make more than one round like the first and more knots if needed for stability.
You will have to correct the distance a few times pulling on the strings, the base or the top until its even and hangin nicely.

I hope you can imagine how- I tried a painting of the system:

At the End put some birdseed on the base- hang it up and give it a week so the birds can find it and learn how to use it.

They really like mine although its sometimes tricky for them and spinning around a little or knocking at the window if they fly off.

If you use wire or a more stabile hanging solution (maybe a wooden stick or something) it won't spin.

The birds still have to work a little to get the food--so they won't get too fat I think.

If it's too stormy you should take the house inside.

Have fun and if you like to try it.. please post some pics!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, it is a feeder, not an actual house. Good idea. The top keeps the food and birds a bit protected from elements.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, those are great pictures of the bird using the feeder.