Grand Piano Table



Introduction: Grand Piano Table

Our group Before and After project.

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Step 1: Our Before Table

We have a perfectly functional table adapted for wheelchair users of different heights.

Unfortunately it was very old and sticky. Perfect for a group project. We decided it's shape is perfect for a grand piano.

Step 2: Painting

I took the table apart and it made it easier to paint.

We used chalk paint as it is not smelly and can be used indoors. Also, any messes are easier to clean up.

To get blacker then black, we ended up using chalkboard paint.

Step 3: The Stand

The table stand is made from metal. We decided on gold to complement the piano.

This is smelly metal paint and I had to paint this outside. This being Ireland, it started raining and I ended up painting it in our polly-tunnel. ( where I transpired enough to water the plants )

Step 4: The Piano Keys

I re-assembled the table and gave it a good waxing with bees wax to preserve the chalk paint. The keys are carefully measured out and painted on with a black permanent marker.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

As finishing touch we decided to name it a Caraway. A combination of our house name, the Cara and the Steinway.

We are so pleased with our finished table.

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