Greenhouse - Guide to Build a Wood Greenhouse at Home-





Introduction: Greenhouse - Guide to Build a Wood Greenhouse at Home-

About: Landscaping my backyard since 2003.


I built a wood garden greenhouse on my backyard. I would like to share to you my experiment. I made a free guide to explain step by step with pictures how i built it. I used recovered door and windows. I built a soil sink potting bench too.

Free guide:

Page 1 --- Install ground anchors ---
Page 2 --- Attach the base to anchor ---
Page 3 --- Install the side walls ---
Page 4 --- Frames front and rear ---
Page 5 --- Install the roof structure ---
Page 6 --- Installation of polyethylene film ---
Page 7 --- Exterior Finish ---
Page 8 --- Interior Finishing 1 ---
Page 9 --- Interior Finishing 2 ---

Illustrations:Detailed step by step guide

Guide de construction de ma serre:Instructions en français.



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    4 Discussions

    How hot does it get in there and can you scale it down?

    Thuis is a good looking greenhouse. Kudos, brother!

    Just got through looking through the project on your site - very well done.