Greenhouse for Seeds




Introduction: Greenhouse for Seeds

This project pretends to make a small greenhouse for the first weeks of germination for your seeds.

Hope you like it!

Step 1: Design

Make sure your design fits your goals. In my case, decorative small greenhouse for the first weeks of germination.

Step 2: Material, Cut and Pre-mounting

I choose this kind of cardboard, only because it was the cheapest option. You may thinking in wood, that will be great too!
Once the design was completed, I cut by laser (11€ I had to pay!!).

Pre-mounting it was just to make sure everything was under-control ;)

Step 3: Put the Paper

Be patient, it's going to take time. Wrap all parts individually with paper. You can chose the paper design you want and stick the paper larger or smaller. I did smaller, because I wanted to look more informal.

Step 4: Windows

I made the window with a plastic I had. Cut and stick carefully.

Step 5: Hide the Borders

To hide the unions, use more paper and patience! ;)

Step 6: Finish!

That's all! You got a small greenhouse for your seeds! =)



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    4 Discussions

    I like your greenhouse,you did a great job

    At first sight I thought you made this with a c omputer case ...which should fit with your dimension isn't it ?

    1 reply

    Hi Ronanry!
    You can see the dimensions on the DXF file attached.
    Dimensions are:
    X: 300mm
    Y: 150mm
    Z: 220mm

    Sure you can do it with a computer case! Maybe it's little bit difficult to do the "decopatch" with metal, but I have never tried.
    If you do your own greenhouse... Will you show us when you have done? ;)

    Congratulations for your first instructable.