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geramicc here. today I'm going to show you how i install this 3 gallon oxygen bottle under my truck to use it as an air pressure tank. i decided to put it behind the front wheel on the passenger side. you can see here that this oxygen bottle already has been modified. years ago my uncle welded 4 threaded connections to this bottle and used it as an air tank now he had it laying around and gave it to me when i told him about my new project. Good thing about this bottle is that it's not that big in diameter which makes it easier to mount it under the truck. I don't want to use up space for this thing in the bed or elsewhere. I'm planning on putting this side here to the bottom to use it as a drain option later. The other three outlets will be to the sides. I want to mount the bottle to the frame of the truck but for that I need brackets. Using this small grinder I cut out some parts of this steel joist that I have laying around. and I weld them together to a bracket. I usually don't weld so I'm not very good at it but I thing this will do it. I am also going to weld the bottle to these brackets but therefore I need a good join. So I decided to cut out a round part here to fit the bottle into. That's a little tricky because the grinder only cuts straight but if the disc is a little smaller it works fine. First I cut out some parts and then I grind of the rest and the edges. On one end of the bottle there is this metal sleeve or whatever to have the bottle standing. I'm taking it off by making a cut and sliding it off. Now I'm drilling two ten millimeter holes into each bracket. Sometimes it's easier to drill a small hole first and then use the bigger drill. I also drill holes into the frame of the truck to mount the brackets with bolts. Having them mounted to the truck I lay the bottle on there and grind off the paint of the areas where the brackets will be. Then I connect the bottle to both brackets with some weld points. This way i can make sure that the brackets sit at the right spot. Now I take out the bolts and put the tank on the work bench to finish the welding. My camcorder shut off while welding, that could be because of the brightness or my welding skills probably the camcorder considered it as not worth showing. Well here you see the tank welded to the frame. Now it's time to get this thing nice and clean. I'm also rinsing out the inside with some brake cleaner. Two coats of anti rust metal paint is supposed to make it last long and look better. Hanging it makes it easier to work the way around. After letting it dry for 24 hours I can finally bolt my new tank to the truck frame. I install this valve here as a drain cock on the bottom. Other than that I only need one inlet for the compressor and one outlet towards the truck bed. So I'm installing two quick fittings and plug the third outlet for now. I will also install a safety pressure valve underneath this cap here but it hasnt arrived yet so im just gonna put the cap back on. Thats it for now. Please check out my install videos on the quick connect port in the truck bed and the viair air compressor. Feel free to subscribe. I appreciate every thumb, comment or susbscriber. Hope this video helped you, thank you for watching, Geramicc85 signing out.

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    3 years ago

    I have 2 recommendations. I would put the tank closer to the frame so you don't have as much torque on the frame and bolts. Because going over a pothole is going to add a lot of stress. And I would use nylon nuts or lock tire so it wouldn't unthread


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. Perhaps breaking the written part into discrete steps/ paragraphs would make it easier to follow.

    You use this to "re-air" your tires after 4 wheeling?