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Today we show you how to make homemade Hookah at home. You need:

  • Bottle of Fanta
  • Can of Fanta
  • Hot Glue
  • Bottle cap
  • Plastic hose
  • Metal tube
  • Foil
  • Coal
  • Tobacco for shisha
  • Water

First, watch the video with the instruction :-)

Looked? Let's Go!!!

Step 1: Hole for Tube

First you need to make a hole for the tube.

For this you need an edge or a knife. It's easier with a edge.

Step 2: Riveting the Tube in the Lid From the Bottle

Riveting the tube in the lid from the bottle

Just put the mouthpiece on the other side of the bottle

Step 3: Fix the Pipe

Make a hole in the lid of the bottle and fix the pipe.

Pipe size: 45cm x 1.8cm

Step 4: Flask for Tobacco

I made a flask for tobacco of can of Fanta.

We fix it with the help of solder.

Step 5: Set Fire to Coal

You need to put the tobacco in a flask.

We set fire to coal

Step 6: Done!

Done! You can enjoy the hookah! Choose nice tobacco and have a good time!

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The next time we make an power AIRGUN from a Coca-Cola bottle and Sugar Glass!!!

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    A note of caution: people using hookahs can absorb huge amounts of toxic chemicals even compared to "regular" smoking. A single evening of hookah smoking can provide as much toxins as 100-200 cigarettes. The smoke from a hookah is much cooler and less irritating than cigarettes, so people are less likely to realize how much they are actually smoking, but the hookah removes NONE of tobaccos cancer-causing or toxic ingredients - it merely makes them less objectionable..

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Nice! It's cheaper than I smoke hookah in bar! Try to do it...I think it will be not difficult as I see...Thanks for this! Love your channel
    Do more!