Easy to do while watching tv or right after unpacking your groceries, huge difference with space management.

Step 1:

Empty your plastic bag.

Step 2:

Straighten it roughly.

Step 3:

Bring the lower left corner end all the way to the right side & fold it in half.

Step 4:

Follow the same step as Step 3 and fold it in half.

Step 5:

Make a triangle by folding from the lower left corner & fold up to make another triangle.

Step 6:

Continue this until you get to the top of your plastic bag.

Step 7:

Find the pocket on your triangle and fold to the remaining piece into your pocket.

Step 8:

That's it!

Step 9:

No more messy plastic bags to hide. You may even display them in your kitchen and find them easily when you are ready to go!

These plastic bag triangles are also a great way to carry in your purse or pocket while you are walking your dog. Keep them near your door with the leash.



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Thanks for the clear instructions, it was verry easy to make.

I told my 83 year old grandma about this and she spent a whole day doing ALL her bags. I liked it too.

That's a great idea, very easy. I put a small S or M on folded small and medium bags. Usually I want a large one but sometimes it it hard to tell once folded. The small ones make good litter bags in the car. Of course, I usually use my cloth shopping bags but it's hard to completely avoid plastic bags and a few do come in handy.

All I can think of is the episode of Gallery Girls when Eli made Maggie go in the back and fold the dog's plastic bags, oh yeah, and then he made her count the rocks in the bonsai tree planters to make sure they were evenly distributed.

Thank you! My Japanese friends all can do this (!?) but I've been a poor student and never remember how, my recreations are always no better than the wad I start with. Now I have a reference for it when I forget.

(And I really don't get the OCD comments below. If you live in a small place tips like this really make the difference. I'm pretty sure that's why all my Japanese friends know how: Tokyo apartments.)

Ok, like folding a flag,and pocket size.....good one

This is an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing it.

I just say "no thanks", everytime someone offers me a plastic bag. works fine.

I do something similar, different fold. I tried this but it seemed to be less tight and tidy than the fold I use. Still, it really does make that collection of plastic bags neater!

Our collection is much smaller and slower-growing now that we use reusable bags for most of our shopping, but we still end up with a few here and there.

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I love being ecologically friendly, and avoiding waste, so . . .

PLEASE would you put all the steps on one page ?

It wastes an awful lot of everyone's time (and electricity) to keep on waiting for each page to load, just to look at one picture.

If you trimmed the pictures to just show the relevant part of the image, they would all fit easily.

Thanks for listening.

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I have the storage bag elastic sleeved holder. But your idea is great for glove box, lunch box, briefcase, motorcycle side bags, etc. Reuse, repurpose, recycle, etc. These go on the road!

I've been doing this for years, and it does save a lot of space! A couple of things i do a little different:

- i flatten the bottom by pulling the sides, then fold it in halves until it's this long skinny thing (1-2") then i roll them up from the bottom (so air doesn't get trapped) making a not-as-tidy square.
-after that I put them into one of three kleenex boxes labeled S/M/L. the plastic on the top of the box makes them easy to contain & retrieve!

i just fold them up that evening after unloading the shopping while i'm watching some happy-crappy horror movie :)

Your idea will make it much easier for me to keep the big bags separate from the smaller ones. Thanks.