Hack a Toilet for Free Water - Inspired Version.

Introduction: Hack a Toilet for Free Water - Inspired Version.

This Instructable is a step by step description of the process of adding a
wash hand basin / sink into a small toilet allowing the use of the clean water to wash your hands and allowing it to go back into the toilet cistern.

I was inspired by the entry on this web site titled ... "Hack a Toilet for free water",

and decided to do my own version in my small toilet room which did not have a sink fitted.

In this version which i made, i used a small marble toped circular coffee table top, cut into the correct wedge shape to be fitted into the corner of the room and with right angle to allow water to flow back into the corner & drain away into the toilet cistern for re use.

This build takes into consideration the best location for least intrusion in the limited available space and minimal work required. It does not intrude into the practical usable room area, obstruct the door swing or entry walk way into the toilet room.

The way I build this there is no screwing of fixtures into the tiles so it can be removed 100% with no evidence of it ever being there.

it got quite technical in some places but i hope you understand.

Link to the video.

Thanks for watching.

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