Hack a Canon Digital Rebel 300d




Introduction: Hack a Canon Digital Rebel 300d

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This will show you how to turn a regular canon digital rebel into a 10d.
Just with a simple firmware update in under 5 minutes.

An old but capable sturdy camera perfect for people wanting to pick up a cheap old camera to get into the hobby. (lol not everyone can afford an EOS 5Ds mk4 or m4/3 setup)

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Step 1: Why This Works

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel is very similar to the Canon EOS 10D ( EXACT same sensor), but lacks many of the functions found in the more expencive 10D, like flash exposure compensation, mirror lock up, ISO 3200 speed setting etc ect ect.

many of the "missing functions" can be enabled by small modifications of the camera firmware

The rebel was first introduced as an entry level dslr, so instead of canon designing a whole new camera, they just took the 10d and blocked off a few of the functions.

Now let me show you how to get those functions back

Step 2: What You Will Need

1: Canon Digital Rebel 300d......... (MUST BE the 300D 6.3 mp camera)
2: CF card .................................... (standard memory card for the camera)
3: Computer........................................ (with internet connection preferably)

Step 3: Get Your New Custom Firmware

you will first need to just plug your CF card into your computer, or in a card reader, Make sure the card is blank, then its as simple as drag and dropping your new custom firmware file to the card.

The file can be obtained by clicking here http://satinfo.narod.ru/en/download.html

Step 4: Insert Card Into Camera

once inserted your camera screen will display something asking if you wish to install, click yes.

Some magic happens, and then if you look for a listing in your menu settings "custom functions" you will have all the tools of the 10d. Bring life into an old camera, It may be outdated but this camera is capable of anything in the right hands. I started with this model and ended up doing photography professionally later in my life.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Magic Lantern (http://www.magiclantern.fm/) might also be something to mention in this instructable. It adds many features mainly for video recording that were never present in any of canons cameras.