Halloween Costume: Fork in the Road

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This adorable play on word costume is sure to be a hit. Hope you enjoy

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Step 1: What You Need

What you need for this costume is.
a fork (it is better if the fork is plastic but I did not have a plastic one)
making tape or white electrical tape
& a black or dark blue shirt

Step 2: Road Stripes

Cut approximately 7 2 inch long stripes and place them on the shirt about 2 inches apart. places them all except for the last 2 near the top of the shirt.

Step 3: Adding the Fork

Where the 6th stripe is going to be put the fork then place the 6th tape stripe over it then put the 7th stripe on.

Step 4: That's It

That's all folks hope you enjoyed and you get tons of compliments.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is one of those costumes where everyone will ask what you're supposed be and then laugh their a__es off when you tell them. Awesome job!

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