Halloween Craft Tutorial on How to Make a Spider Wreath

Introduction: Halloween Craft Tutorial on How to Make a Spider Wreath

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Halloween is a festival that tests personality and creativity.

At this time, the public is digging into ideas to make a variety of spoof methods different from others.

Got any ideas about your Halloween party?

How about a wreath before your front door with spiders on it?

Today, I'll show you a project about a Halloween spider wreath.

Just follow my steps.

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Step 1: Jewelry Making Supplies

Tibetan Style Spiders Pendant

White Organza Ribbon


Orange Felt

Glue Gun


Step 2:

Cut a piece of orange felt and cut it into a circular shape with a smaller circle in the middle;

Put cotton onto space between the two circles, and wrapped with white ribbon;

Attach the Tibetan spiders onto the white ribbon with the glue gun.

Step 3:

Make a felt bow to add on the wreath, more details about how to make a bow, and add another felt to combine the bow and the wreath

Step 4:

And now you can add the wreath on your front door with a string or glue.

Well, very simple Halloween craft ideas right?

DIY the Halloween spider wreath is very easy and won't take you much time. Just have a try.

For more information about jewelry making supplies, please visit:


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