Introduction: Halloween

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies , so when my husband decided to transform into beetlejuice , I quickly decided it was "Miss Argentina" for me! I started with researching the perfect body make-up. I decided on Mehron Paraduse AQ *Teal. ($12) I ordered 2 full size but barely even touched one since its water activated. (A little goes a LONG way) I had a hard time finding a red wig in the exact style I needed to I got a red long haired wig from the Goodwill and styled it myself into a French twist with curls on top. (1.99). Next was the cape, this I had a hard time with and was most time consuming, I had started to make a flame like Cale out of a previous costume but didn't like the outcome, so I found a pair of black fairy wings ($2.00) that I could sew together to give a more flame like look. I then spray painted them bright red and covered in red glitter. I hot glued a couple layers of red tule to the inside of the wings and presto, turned out perfect! The dress was challenging, I decided I could go with really any color, I settles on a blue/purple sparkle one, but gained a few pounds (due to my birthday celebrations ?) and luckily found the perfect purple dress at the goodwill for %50 off ($5.00) a few nights before the party debut! The costume was a hit , everyone loved the idea and I was SO pleased that it turned out exactly how I had visioned it and for a total of $21.00

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    These costumes look great! Thanks for sharing the details of how you put them together. Very nice!