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Introduction: Halo 3 Marine Costume

This is my Halo 3 Marine Costume! Its the first full costume i have made. I made it mostly out of different thicknesses of EVA foam. I spendt a total of 3 months from start to finish. Check out www.facebook.com/caelestiscosplay to see more builds of this kind.

Step 1: The MA6C Rifle Prop

The MA5C Rifle is made entirely out of EVA foam. I made the rough shape with 3 layers of EVA floor mats. I then proceeded with detailing it with thinner mats of foam. For the bolt shin i used an old door lock and modified it. When all the details was added i added several coats of plasti dip. Then primer and then i painted it with acrylic paint and sealed it with a water resistant clear coat.

Step 2: The Magnum Gun Prop

The Magnum gun is carved out in one solid block of styrofoam. It took me approximately one week to finish. Coated it in plasti dip and painted it.

Step 3: The Knife Prop

The knife is made out of three layers of thin craft foam. I reinforced the blade by adding popsicles to the middle layer.

Step 4: The Armor

The armor is exclusively made only out of EVA foam floor mats. I carved in any details with the dremel or a knife. After detailing the armor was plasti dipped, primed and painted with acrylics.

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    The helmet is awesome I'll have to modify it a bit though no offense

    Nice job! I love seeing all the things you can do with foam. :D

    this is amazing, i am currently making my own set of halo armour (mk6 gen 2 spartan armour) but the magnum and AR will really be a nice touch

    btw, i might try that body (chest) piece though, because that part i am still yet to finish.

    what a great ible just in time for halloween!

    1 reply

    I am glad i could help! Share some pictures when youre done, i would love to see! :) Good luck!

    (attempting a default helmet and sholders)


    1 year ago

    that's a neat costume and would be a good Cosplay for our Team. Would you mind to share the materials you used? It looks really great, espacially the rifle

    1 reply

    I am glad you like it! I have now updated the instructable with more info ;)