Hama Beads Design- Christmas Santa Claus Ornament



Introduction: Hama Beads Design- Christmas Santa Claus Ornament

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Super easy to do Hama beads designs- Christmas Santa Claus Ornament! You'll love it!

Step 1: Supplies:

5MM Red Hama Beads

5MM White Hama Beads

5MM Teal Hama Beads

5MM Pink Hama Beads

5MM Dark Yellow Hama Beads

Pegboard Cord Loop

Jump rings

Step 2: Make the Hama Bead Santa Claus

1st, place hama beads to the pegboard to form a Santa Claus shape as picture shows, you should place them one by one and pay attention to the colors and number of the hama beads;

Step 3:

2nd, press this hama bead Santa Claus with iron on the medium heat about 1 minute, flip the hama bead Santa Claus over and press it about 1 minute (Make sure to use the pressing paper that's included with the pegboards or your iron will be ruined.)

Step 4: Well Done! You've Completed the Easy Santa Clause Ornament!

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