How to Hand Burn a Short Cruiser (A Woodshop Project)

Introduction: How to Hand Burn a Short Cruiser (A Woodshop Project)

Here is how to make your own Hand Burned short cruiser. It's a bit time consuming I must admit. However, in the spirit of the holidays a nice handmade gift to give to someone you care for can be a lot more meaningful. I originally picked up this hobby on my own just for the art in it, but nowI do projects like this for my student internship at grossmont high school where i occasionally teach a class on woodshop and art. In this case however, i just decided to make a board for one of my good friends as a christmas present.

- This is why I thought this would be a great holiday gift or class project.

1. fun to make and to use's not all that expensive
3.there are endless possibilities of designs you could burn(very creative handmade present)
4.finally, there really is nothing like that sense of accomplishment you get from using it or seeing the look on the person's face when you give it to them.(well that's just me)

So what’s a cruiser?
Now cruisers are a bit different than skateboards, cruisers are both faster and more flexible in movement than regular skateboards which I personally find more fun. They're mainly for getting around in an exciting way.

Step 1: Project Overview
Wood burning is always fun but can sometimes be a little time consuming. Depending on the detail of your project, just a square inch of burning can take up to an hour. A simple design however can sometimes look just as nice :). I even occasionally paint them, but in this case i will be showing you guys how to burn them.

Materials you will need (and prices):
-Blank Cruiser deck(I use a  7-1/8" x 24-1/2" inch board) on which you will burn your design (20-60 dlrs)
-some grip tape (5-10 dlrs)
-a pencil (10c?)
-a wood burning tool with bits (preferably 25 watts of heat) (30 dlrs)
-a sanding tool (varies)
-a drilling tool (varies)
-sanding bits (10-15 dlrs)
-polyurethane coating or varnish (5-10 dlrs)
-Nuts,Bolts,Risers,Trucks,Wheels,Bearings, Washers and Spacers(not part of the deck) (this part is pricy, about 80 - 110 dlrs)
total price: 70.10 to 125.10 dlrs (materials only for the deck)

Steps and Timeline:
. Preparing and gathering materials and tools(2 hours)
2.Sanding down varnish from the blank deck(so the burner won't slip when your burning on the board) (20 mins)
3.Drawing the design on the blank deck, lightly with pencil (varies among design)(this board took 1 hour)
4.Use the wood burning tool to trace/fill dark lines and areas on the board (varies among design)(this board took 35-40 hours)
5.Use drilling tool to erase any cosmetic imperfections(10-20 mins)
6.Cut and place grip tape at your own preference (10-20 mins)
7.Lightly coat your hand burned design with polyurethane or varnish then allow to dry (5 mins, then 3-5 hours)
8.Finally, assemble your cruiser by attaching the Risers,Trucks,Wheels, Washers, Spacers and Bearings
with your nuts and bolts (10-20 mins).
total time spent: 41hrs:55mins to 49hrs:25mins (on this board)

Objective: The objective of this project is to allow everyone to become intact with their creative part of the brain
and create a nice piece of woodwork which you can also have fun with.

-If i do win, i will definitley use the prize to help me do some more carving,
 and design more boards and crafts in the future.


-Well i hope you guys liked it, i know i had fun making it,
and happy holidays to everyone. Votes appreciated ,bye <:)  

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice design. Looks great! - I still have my wood burning tool. Got it when I was younger. I loved that thing, plus it taught me how NOT to burn myself. :D lol


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    haha same here


    8 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, that looks pretty time consuming
    i'ts really cool though