Hand Mirror Pegs - Your Primary Defense Against Beauty Errors and Attacking Robots.

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Hand mirrors are critical in our lab for checking if hair is combed properly, deflecting stray laser beams, and confusing attacking robots. We came up with this simple mounting solution so they can be used when our hands are busy, and quickly acquired for a 360° fly-by to verify everything's in place.

Learn more on our Hand Mirror Pegs Project Page.

This instructable shows you how to build, install, and use hand mirror pegs. Be aware that safety is your responsibility. Please read our Safety Warning and Disclaimer before you start

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

  1. Hand Mirror: One with a handle.
  2. Permanent Adhesive Squares: Foam adhesive is best since it bonds nicely with uneven surfaces.
  3. Pegs: Download and print pegs (STL attached. See Thingiverse for print details.). No 3D printer? Here are some options to get it printed.
  4. Cleaning Supplies: We like to use Isopropyl Alcohol and lint-free cloths.
  5. Small Level and Ruler: Not pictured. Alternatively you can use a tape measure.

Step 2: Assemble

Clean and dry the small side of the peg surface with Isopropyl Alcohol. Press an adhesive square onto the surface firmly for 10 seconds to bond.

Step 3: Install

Clean and dry surface with Isopropyl Alcohol or other approved wall cleaner. Press first peg firmly onto surface for 10 seconds to bond. Use a level and ruler to install second peg. (Alternatively, you can measure the height from the floor.)

Step 4: Use

Place the mirror between the pegs. Now you can check for Jujyfruits in your teeth during a walk-by or grab it and go.


Hand Mirror Pegs Project Page



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