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Introduction: Hand Soap Dispenser Hack

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Don't you hate when this happens??? Too many times have I been in this very situation and what do I do? A: Throw it away and waste my money or B: Add water and now have water soap that has the worst consistency. I had enough! I decided it was time to get all of my money's worth. I have to ask one question though. Why do these companies do this? It makes no sense to me that they won't make the straw part longer. Not to worry ible-ers I have your back.

Step 1: Dismantle the Pump

In any way you choose take apart the pump of an old container so that it looks like this. We want to only use the plastic clear piece.

Step 2: Cut Down to Size

Now you want to take the clear part and cut it down to where you end up with this. I removed the straw part the was inserted in it and squeezed the bottom to take the shape of an oval.

Step 3: Connect and Start Pumping

Connect the tip to the end of the working pump and place back into the bottle. You are all set! You may need to adjust the tip if the top does not screw on all the way. Once you are truly out of the soap with this minor addition take off the tip and add it on the new bottle.

After working through this ible I figured that you can also hack the pump using the slimmer plastic piece in a water gun. It is more flexible and can rest on the bottom potentially getting more of the soap out. I hope this helps!



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    Good idea! BUT this brand is always on sale for a dollar or a huge refill is three.

    3 replies

    Yes, 10 for 10. I have tons of it. when your down to that last one adding water will be the only option without the extension. Killing some free time.

    God bless my friend. I just modified my last 2 LOL!!!!! Thanks for the info. That's what keeps this site great, I love it!

    I save the FOAM soap dispensers, then I refill with a 50/50 dilution of the soap or shampoo I really love. Foam in the shower is so very nice.

    1 reply

    I like those myself, have too many of this brand for now though.

    This is a fun way to spend time doing something. To each their own.