Handheld EMP Device

Introduction: Handheld EMP Device

Just another human being :D

EMPs (Electromagnetic pulse) are quite popular in the world of science fiction. Wouldn't it be cool to have one of your own? That's what I thought when I started building it.

I wanted to make an EMP which will be portable and which can be hidden under full sleeves( That's naughty!). If you have the right parts, you can build it in no time. If you don't, you're in trouble.

WARNING: Not for children under 15 yrs of age :D

Well seriously, If you get a shock it'll shake your spine. These capacitors are really powerful. So please be cautious while handling the circuit.


Step 1: Step 1: the Absolute Necessity

An old camera circuit, doesn't matter whether its disposable or not is absolutely necessary. If you don't have one, its not that tough to make one, but it'll take lots of time. An alternative way is to use the circuit of a zapper or a separately sold camera flash.

I used the circuit of a 15-yr old camera. Just had to take out the circuit out of it. The circuit runs on a 3V battery system.

The reason I used a normal camera circuit in place of disposable ones is that the capacitor in a normal camera is much more powerful than the disposable ones. If you use the circuit of a separate flash, its even much more powerful than the normal cameras.

Please be careful while taking out the circuit. The capacitor might still have stored charges.

Step 2: Step 2: the COIL

I had to make a coil which won't cover much area because I had to fix the coil on the palm of my hand. If the coil is too large I can get a nerve-racking shock just my slight movements of my palm.

So, I took out a coil from an old SMPS circuit. I had extra copper wires. So I used them to make a more powerful coil.

Make sure that the winding of the copper wire is tight. Otherwise it'll be ineffective.

Step 3: Step 3: Getting Started, Making the Skeleton

We have to fix the coil somehow with the palm. Also we have to make sure of proper insulation to avoid getting shocks.

I have used a metal strip and a thick cardboard to provide the insulation. After that I have used a walkie-talkie antenna which I fixed with the palm-part with tape.

The point of fixing the antenna is to allow the palm to move freely. It should be flexible so that you can bend your hand properly.

Step 4: Step 4: Adding the Vital Organs

Now that the skeleton is built, we have to attach the most important part, the camera circuit. Again I have used cardboard to attach the circuit. Also notice that I haven't removed a part of the antenna jacket. This will allow me to rotate my palm about the wrist. I have attached the circuit with this black jacket.

Step 5: Step 5: Some More Bones for the Skeleton

The whole structure should be so built that it stays on your hand. We have attached a metal strip before so that the coil stays on the palm. Now we have to attach another metal strip so that the circuit-part stays fixed on the forearm.

To make this happen, I've used a magnifying glass frame.

Step 6: Step 6: the Source of Energy

Attach a AA battery holder with the circuit. First find out the points in the circuit where the battery leads were connected before with the circuit. Solder the wires properly.

Step 7: Step 7: Attaching the Coil

First connect the wires properly with the coil. You can solder the wires with the coil. One wire is to be attached at the beginning of the coil, the other wire at the end of the coil.

These two wires are to be soldered with the two electrodes of the capacitor in the circuit. Don't forget to attach a switch. Attaching the switch is important.

Step 8: Step 8: Finishing

I have used yellow insulating tape to attach the coil with the palm- part.

The battery holder is attached with the forearm-part with tape.

Its time for destroying something!



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    so i have a question and its probably going to be stupid but could an item like this work at close range on a much larger device say a surveillance camera?

    so what's the range of this? in todays world full of illegal drones we need this to stop the possible danger illegal drones could do

    10 replies

    Sigh..... drones aren't illegal the government has made no law regulating drones and you can't own the airspace even if it is above your property..

    Sigh... there is more than one government in the world..

    This is a handheld emp Devce, made for concealibility not range. Something 3 times this size might be able to take out a calculator 5 feet away. Second, there is no such thing as an "illegal drone", and if there was a hacked military class drone flying over the US we would have bigger problems. If you are referring to commercial quadcopters, as a pilot myself I and others I know fly more than 30 feet above the ground essentially all the time. You would be better off with something like a slingshot, considering an emp with a range large enough to take out a commercial quad would also wreck every electronic in your and your neighbors homes. If you are worried about predator drones, invest in a nuclear missile to detonate in the atmosphere, creating an emp large enough to knock out half of America. Another great anti drone tool is an automated surface to air missile launcher. These can be sourced on the deep web or from certain Islamic extremist groups. However, if you are feeling ambitious and want to get up close and personal with the military drone flying a few thousand feet over your home, the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is a great vehicle for conducting aerial combat against MQ-1s and F-450 quads alike. Good luck!

    This reply was really a brilliant one I should say, although there wasn't any need for you to mention all those kinda extremists things you know. Oh and by the way that AH-64 Apache was the best part.LOL!!!!!!!!

    So how long is the range? a foot? or do i need to touch the object to damage it?

    Sigh..... drones aren't illegal the government has made no law regulating drones and you can't own the airspace even if it is above your property..

    Actually, that's not necessarily true. You do own the airspace above your home up to a certain altitude in the UK (depending on various factors).

    That's why I want to make one. Take out drones flying over my property.

    Good luck, it'd take more power than your house uses all day to effectivly take a consumer UAV down.

    Make one that hits the resonance of a psychopath's brain.


    its dangerous in the hand of wrong people . why distroy thing where we should be building a better life

    The president's secret service could use one of these to shoot down the drones, not a real gun, endangering the public

    The design of this device is overly theatrical. There's no need to build it so the coil fits on your palm. Just slide the device a few inches up the arm so the coil is under the wrist. Same effectiveness, 100% concealment with a long sleeve shirt, and much simpler design once the need for flexibility is removed.

    Will it damage the electronic component or just make a noise on it temperory??