Hardhats/Helmet Overview and How to Prevent Helmet Hair!


(Small)Section 1:Anybody who wears protective headgear will know that it messes up your hairreally bad!

Section 2:The same people will also know that shopping for it also is a nightmare, motorcycle helmets are easier to buy when compared to hardhats and military grade helmets but you can still be sold faulty and expensive wares...

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Step 1: Section 1: How to Retain That Style

The act of taking it off and on is enough to mess up even the hardest of perms and gel on the inside is a chore to get out!

First of all, hairspray helps for longer hair and more importantly keep it ventilated. You can do this by making sure that the interior has a lot of room in between where the padding that touches your head and the walls allowing for airflow while maintaining a good fit.

Another tactic is to make sure that all your hair is inside the helmet itself reducing the amount that it moves around and blows about which can help keep you looking good!

Step 2: Section 2: Helmet Types

I won't be going into what a cycling and motorcycle helmet actually is as they're all very similar although I'll give tips on them!

The Humble Hardhat

Durable and relatively cheap, they provide decent protection from things like falling debris but not much else. They're generally available in 3 grades: basic , advanced and deluxe with improvements being a better harness and features like built-in ear defenders. All of them are compatible with faceshields and are often sold as one piece in chainsaw sets etc.

'Kevlar' Helmets

Modern military helmets are referred to as 'Kevlar' despite being made of plastics. They can be picked up at many price ranges but they are often reasonably cheap. They provide protection from shrapnel to bricks but are heavy and fall short in the fall protection department when compared to say, bike helmets. They can be fitted with both commercial and military face shields among many other attachments making them ideal for working with wood chippers etc.

'Pot' Helmets

Another military item from the past. Most are made from Steel and have a Leather interior harness making them comfy and not too bulky. They're more durable than hardhats and provide greater protection at an often lower cost, they tend to ring like a bell if left without a cover (Put a tea cosy on it!)

Climbing Helmets

Just a quick mention, pick ones that are light and bright (The colour helps you find it and people find you).

Large air holes won't affect protection but will do wonders for keeping you cool...

Step 3: Section 2: Tips for Buying

Motorcycle helmets are everywhere but many places charge too much, keep in mind that you get what you pay for and reputable stores selling big brands such as ADS, Arai and Bell provide guarantees which may not be found online or at small stalls. Check your local law for what style is required but a rule of thumb is that full-face ones are always legal!

Bike helmets don't matter too much in terms of where you get them from. You can spend as little or as much as you want on them making little difference, be sure to test that the straps stay on and the design is solid. If you use it a lot it's worth spending more for lighter and more ergonomic designs but don't bother with the professional 'teardrop' styles as you probably won't even notice the difference.

Military articles can be bought from local surplus shops and fairs. Buying online is risky as more modern ones are often stolen or in bad condition. Another thing to note is that they can be prohibited such as the British MK7 helmet due to the ones being available are stolen!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    You missed the most commonly abused "hard hat" choice; the bump cap.

    Hard hats are only useful if properly assembled and worn, For example they can't be worn over a pile of dreadlocks with the liner removed. Or the liner installed/ worn backwards.

    There are ANSI standards that cover them. Sorry to be a pill; I actually do this kind of Safety training/ enforcement as a major part of my job...