Harnessing the Sun: Best Solar Oven

Introduction: Harnessing the Sun: Best Solar Oven

Solar Ovens are important because they give a lot of people in our world an easy way to cook food without having to use fuel. This saves many people who live in 3rd world countries the hassle of going miles to find wood or spending a lot of their income on basic fuel. This also helps the environment, because it uses solar power, which is infinite. It makes no smoke and helps retain the nutrients in the food. This can also be used in the US by hippies and people who love to make sure that we do not use fuel.

Step 1: Starting Off: Materials List

To create this solar oven, you will need a few things. Collect the following items:


Tape (Black and Clear tape)

Aluminum Foil

Scissors/Box Cutter

Plastic Wrap

Black Construction Paper

Pizza Box

Step 2: Cutting Your Box

Cut the box on 3 sides, as the picture above shows. Leave the uncut side on the side of the box that cannot open. You'll want to measure 1-2 inches away from the edge of the box, and outline before you cut.

Step 3: Starting the Oven

To start, the Plastic wrap should be placed over the hole at the top, and taped down with black tape on the outside, and clear tape on the inside. Inside the oven, place either aluminum foil or black paper and tape it down - the aluminum will reflect more light into the food, but the black paper will absorb the heat and keep it inside the oven more, so you can put either inside. The black paper is recommended.

Step 4: A-luminating the Flap

Take the Aluminum foil, and wrap the flap of the top of the pizza box that was cut. Try placing it on without wrinkling it too much, but its almost impossible for it not to. Next we wrapped the aluminum foil all around the inside edges of the box for it to heat up in the inside. The outside flap was used to reflect the sunlight into the pizza box. Tape the aluminum foil down from behind for maximum reflection.

Step 5: Taking the Oven for a Test Drive

The solar oven should look something similar to the picture. Use a stick to hold up the flap at an angle where the sun will reflect the most light into your food. Drop a few marshmallows into the oven, and make some smores! The oven should be able to heat over 150 degrees Fahrenheit on a sunny day.

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